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success soundbites Dec 11, 2018

Welcome to Success Soundbites. I'm Sid Meadows, and I'm the founder and principal of Embark CCT. We're a coaching, consulting and training company. And we work with small to mid-sized businesses and individuals in helping them craft their journey towards success.

Hey, we're really glad you're here today for this week's tip. Today's topic is about leadership. When you think about leadership, what comes to mind or who comes to mind? Is there any particular leader that you follow on Facebook, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, or other social platforms? Any leaders that you just particularly follow?

Well, have you ever thought about why do you follow them and what is it about them that really makes you want to follow and learn from them? Well, I think part of it might be that leadership is actually practiced in not words, but in actions and attitudes. Think about that for a second. You're following certain leaders probably because of some of their actions: the things that they're doing to lead the company, or the things that they're saying to the community, or the messages that they're putting out there. I mean, there's a reason why-- and I think a lot of it might have to do with actions, but it also might have to do with attitude.

And their attitude about their life, or their people, or their company. Just their attitude in general might be really infectious, and that might be why you're following them, because hey, you want some of that, right? You want some of that attitude and some of that actions to be part of your life and to really infect your life. And that's one of the biggest reasons why we follow people.

Well, have you ever thought about how they got there? What was maybe the one thing that they did or that they do a lot of that really elevated them to the position of status as a leader, a CEO, or some executive vice president, or something like that?

Well, there's one thing that I think they all have in common, and I think that's really what the tip for today is about, is the thing that they have in common is reading. Yes, I said it, reading.

Think about Bill Gates. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year. He's one of the greatest leaders in history, right? Think about how Bill Gates impacted your life. Just look around and see what he did to impact your life. You use something he created every day. Talk about a great leader and a great visionary. 50 books a year.

What about Warren Buffett? He's one of the wealthiest men in the world, owns a list of companies, employs millions of people. Great organizations that he owns. He reads 500 pages a day.

Well, look at another one: Elon Musk. Elon Musk said he learned to build rocket ships by reading. Reading is very powerful.

So my challenge to you today is to step up and start reading. So I did a challenge myself. I'm actually involved in a challenge myself right now, and my challenge is to make sure that I'm reading 30 minutes a day. And over the last year, I can't even count the number of books that I've read. I'm actually going to do that this week, is count the number of books I read. I'm certainly not at 50, but I've read a tremendous amount of books that have really been impactful into my life. And so I set myself a challenge: for the month of December, I'm going to be sure that I'm reading 30 minutes a day. So accept that challenge. Embrace learning, embrace reading and see how it impacts your life.

Hey, thanks for being here today. We appreciate you. Be sure to comment down below. Let us know what you're doing to improve your game, and to read more, and to really learn how to be a great leader. Be sure to connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram now, follow our YouTube channel and be sure to let us know what we can do to help you craft your journey towards success. We'll see you next week. Take care


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