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Just because the world has stopped does not mean our need for connection has stopped.

And our need for relationship creates incredibly unique opportunities for real-time, much-needed networking, especially now! 










The spots are limited, and the networking is incredibly valuable — the countdown is ON for our next networking group!



What is virtual networking?

Just because we can't meet in person to network, doesn't mean we can't network!  When you join one of Embark’s Virtual Networking Events — you get to meet industry leaders, experts, job seekers, and other professionals from across the nation and around the globe.

Together, we expand our network, support each other, and connect our community to new opportunities and exciting new projects. Don't miss this opportunity to meet new people and engage in our community! 

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Digital networking pushes us outside of our comfort zone

because it creates a more intimate connection,

requiring us to be acknowledged when we speak up and forcing others to truly hear what we have to say. 

When you’re face-to-face with a person, especially on Zoom — you can’t hide, you have to engage in the conversation. If you approach conversations in the right way with intentionality and purpose, you can help more than just yourself — you may have a valuable connection for that person to reach out to, you may have a friend who needs to reach out to this person, and other possibilities.

When we listen to one another and network, powerful connections take place and many new people can be connected. 

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Anonymous feedback from our last 2 networking events 


A 30-year veteran product designer in the Contract Interiors industry, put in charge of lay-offs in her department 



Utilizing this network is POWERFUL! Do not miss the change to take advantage of this free community.

"Whether it’s checking each other’s resumes, referring mutual connections, or even just talking through your current situation — networking removed so many barriers for me.



A displaced designer in the midst of job searching after a 15-year tenure



I didn’t realize how helpful it would be to talk through the job search situations and the scenarios I’m encountering in the market.



A marketing management member tasked with designing an entire new sales strategy to fit the current state of events 


Networking with Sid and his well-connected community helped me answer some of the hard questions.

"How do I change my mindset to see this as an opportunity? When do I follow-up with customers, and how do I find people to sell to? 

"Seriously spending time answering the tough stuff in networking made all the difference as I navigate the uncertainty of current events. 


Scheduled Networking Events

Mutual connections are the #1 way Americans meet their spouses — how much more do you think this matters in a professional sense, when there are THOUSANDS of possible connections to make and not just *one* soul mate to find?

It’s important to remember the value of personal connections and recommendations and use that to our advantage in this mid-pandemic job market, even if that means approaching personal connection in a new way — and that’s the digital way!


October 16, 2020

3:00 PM Central



November 10, 2020

3:00 PM Central


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Networking is about building relationships, and it's grounded in one principle: What can you do for others?
Taking time to get to know others creates more NEW opportunities in business each year than any other professional activity.  

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