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This resource center is devoted to the people in the Contract Interiors Industry that are looking for employment. The focus is to provide a centralized location for you to connect with the information, people and resources you need during your job search.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted all of us, in one way or another, and should not deter you, stop you or prevent you from landing your next amazing career opportunity!

Look around, download what you need, read the articles that are important to you and connect with the resources that work best for you and your situation.

We are not recruiters.  We are people helping people in a time of need.

Industry Recruiters

To the best of our ability, we compiled a list of recruiters that are specific to the Contract Interiors Industry.  If you know a recruiter that is not on this list, please emails us that information.  Hopefully this list will help you know who to contact about available positions in our industry.

Recruiter List

Resume Tips 

We did the research and consolidated our finding in this document to help you create a great resume.  These tips are focused on what you should and should not included and more! This is a guide to help you, but it you need clarification or more information, please conduct your own research

Resume Tips

Resume Templates

Everywhere you look, there are resume templates available - and way too many to choose from.  To support you, we selected a few free templates from Canva that believe will set you apart.  You can see all of there templates at

Resume Templates

LinkedIn Profile Update Guide

LinkedIn is the place you need to be if you are looking for a job.  It's the first place potential employers or recruiters are going to learn about you. It's you first impression - and it needs to be a good one!  This guide will help you update your profile and set you up for success!

LinkedIn Profile Update

Guide to Virtual Networking

In a world of physical distancing, networking is just not the same.  Almost everyone is working from home.  To help you network during your job search, we created a guide to virtual networking to help you connect with others who can support you on this journey. 

Start V-Networking

Virtual Interview Tips

Today, your first interview with someone is like to be via video conference.  To help you prepare for this, we researched and consolidated a list of helpful tips to ensure you ace this first meeting! 

Interview Tips

Insider Video Tips

If you need job search, networking, interviewing or other tips to help you land your dream career - you ask the experts!  These powerful, quick videos are packed with insightful information from some of our industry recruiters.  

Video Poster Image

Complimentary Resources

Disclaimer:  All of the information on this page is provided as a complimentary resource and based on our research and public information.  In no way is any of this an endorsement of an individual, company or organization.  These resources are designed to help you with your job search or career change.  You should conduct you own research and make decisions that are in your best interest.  For information questions, comments or additional information on the contents of this web page, please contact Sid Meadows at [email protected]