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If you want more customers, more revenue and more engagement in you digital platforms, then you need to share more stories!  Stories about your company, the problems you solve, your people and your client success stories.  You need to join our


Digital Storytelling Workshop

September 14, 2022


In this workshop we'll explore how to leverage storytelling in your digital platforms to build your brand, connect with your customers and drive revenue.  You'll leave with a 

  • Complete understanding of Digital Storytelling
  • The Types of Digital Storytelling 
  • The Platforms That Will Work Best For You
  • How to Create a Strategy That Works for You
  • A Framework to Create Better Engagement
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Everyone loves a good story!

From the underdog that wins the big game, to the hero who saves the day, to the business that’s impacting the world with a new product or service.  Stories have been, and always will be, part of our life and business. In this session, we’ll explore how storytelling can help you convey who you are, your message, your products, your services and your solutions by meeting your customers where they are - on the internet.

In this workshop you'll gain:

Understanding of Digital Storytelling

Knowing why this is important will help you build your brand and grow your business.  We'll explore what is digital storytelling, why it's important and why you should embrace it.  

Types of Digital Storytelling and the Platform That Work Best

The opportunity to share stories with in your digital platforms are endless.  We'll explore all the types and make sure you know what platforms will work best for you and your business.

How to Create a Strategy That Works for You and Your Business

Our S.I.T.E.D Framework will provide you a documented strategy that you can start implementing upon completion of the workshop.

Framework to Create Better Engagement

Engagement is key to the success of any sales strategy and our 4-S Framework will provide you a clear path to better engagement from your key prospects, regardless of the platform.

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Gerald S.

The content in this program is terrific!  I'm excited to get in a better place in my social media as connecting with customers has changed so dramatically in the past several years.

Amanda B.

This is one of the best trainings I've participated in.  I learned so much about how to leverage storytelling to build my brand and reach customers and prospects. 

Nora F. 

It was a pleasure to have this program presented to our sales team.  I learned a lot about how to use storytelling, but most importantly, so did our sales team.  I'm look forward to the seeing the impact.

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Meet Your Guide - Sid Meadows


Thank you for your interest in our Digital Storytelling Workshop!

I'm a business strategist and certified professional coach and my speciality is helping entrepreneurs, creators and businesses create effective sales strategies that build your brand and grow your business.

I'm passionate about leveraging digital platforms that allows your ideal customer to discover you, your products and solutions.

This informative workshop will be fun and engaging and packed with value!  I hope you'll join us and lets us be your guide to effective storytelling!

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