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Episode 101 Show Notes


The office furniture industry desperately needs more e-commerce solutions. We need to break down the lines of competition and start collaborating in a way that benefits not only us and our businesses, but also our customers. Both Kurt and Matt of No Mondays are working to do that with their innovative platform and solution. 


Kurt and Matt both entered the office furniture space through the lens of marketing rather than sales. Through helping brands to reinvent themselves, they realized that one of the issues within the industry is how much we compete against each other rather than unite to elevate. 


After years of working together and the challenges of the pandemic, they both realized that one of the most crucial pieces missing from the industry is a reliable e-commerce platform that connects the consumer, the dealer, the designer, and the independent rep. 


So they sought to create it themselves. 


No Mondays will revolutionize the way we interact with our customers and with our partners within the industry. Are you ready to step into the future of the contract interiors industry? Then listen in to learn more. 

In this episode: 

[01:32] Welcome to the show Kurt and Matt!

[01:54] Kurt introduces himself and shares his background.

[02:31] Learn about Matt’s company MG Marketing and how he got involved with Kurt.

[03:37] How Kurt got started in the office furniture industry.

[06:44] What led Matt to the industry.

[10:32] What No Mondays is and what it does, from Matt’s perspective.

[12:18] Kurt adds his ideas about No Mondays.

[15:18] How they are making e-commerce different.

[18:15] Learn what affiliate marketing is and how they are using it with No Mondays.

[22:00] Why cookies are used when you search something on the internet.

[24:00] The office furniture desperately needs an e-commerce marketplace. Learn why.

[27:22] What happens at the final mile after an order has been placed.

[33:35] Why they want the No Mondays name to be well known in the ecommerce marketplace.

[39:01] Their overall vision is providing the opportunity for people to benefit from their site.

[41:31] How affiliate commission gets parceled out.

[44:28] Independent reps have one more tool in their arsenal with No Mondays.

[48:21] “People are shopping or buying when it’s convenient to them.”


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