The Importance of Continuous Growth

the trend report Dec 22, 2023

Becoming the best version of yourself, both personally and professionally, is a journey that requires continuous growth and development. This was the central theme in a recent episode of the Trend Report Podcast where Sid Meadows, a certified professional coach and a veteran of the office furniture industry, shared his insights on personal, professional, and industry growth.

Sid Meadows embarked on his journey of continuous growth a few years ago when he started a coach certification program. From a humble beginning to now being a certified professional coach and a veteran of the office furniture industry, his journey has been all about growth and development. Sid emphasized that the journey of growth is not about your boss or your company doing it for you. It's about you doing the work necessary to reach your goals. It's about you taking control of your own destiny.

The Trend Report, Episode 128

One of the core areas of growth Sid discussed is personal development. This transcends...

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The OG Furniture Nerd Shares Her Secrets

the trend report Dec 08, 2023

In our recent podcast episode, we had the pleasure of hosting Dianne Murata, an interior designer and founding principal of Kimiko Designs. Dianne shared her journey almost working in a funeral home to starting Kimio Designs then establishing Kimiko Green, a testament to her determination and innovative approach.

Dianne's mission is to bring sustainability to the furniture industry, a task as inspiring as it is admirable. The conversation highlighted the power of recognizing individual capabilities and the unique culture of the furniture industry. She spoke about how acknowledging the individual strengths of her team members has been a cornerstone in shaping Kimiko Green's success story.

The Trend Report, Episode 129

One of the standout features of Kimiko Green is its thriving remote work culture. Dianne shared insightful details on how she built this culture with intention. Her business partner, Ginger, and she take on the roles of a visionary and an integrator...

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The Evolving Role of the Independent Rep

the trend report Nov 17, 2023

In this compelling episode, we explore the unique journey of Jason Levy, an industry veteran who has made his mark in the office furniture industry. Levy's story is one of resilience and adaptability. From his early days as a culinary student to stepping up to the demands of his family business after his mother's cancer diagnosis, his path is a testament to his ability to evolve and thrive.

One of the critical aspects Levy brings to light is the shifting landscape of the business world. The changes in the industry, especially amidst the pandemic, have forced businesses to innovate and adapt. This shift, however, is not a challenge for Levy. Instead, he views it as an opportunity to get creative with his marketing strategies.

Levy’s marketing approach stands out in its originality and effectiveness. From using cupcakes and donuts to engaging his audience digitally, his strategies are both inventive and refreshing. These unconventional methods reflect Levy's belief in building...

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Take It Outisde

viewpoint magazine Nov 03, 2023

Why being outside benefits you, your team and your organization

Recently we held a company offsite meeting for a couple of days.  It was the perfect opportunity to come together and discuss our new structure,  strategy, products and our plans for 2024.  The problem with the meeting was that our entire customer-facing team was away from their desk, and their daily work, which meant that emails, quotes, orders and other tasks were stacking up and we’d have to pull a few long days to catch up.

Just after lunch on our final day together, I could see the stress on their faces as I asked everyone to close their computers so we could begin to wrap up our meeting.  The stress of not responding to email, not getting quotes out and more was draining the energy from the room and our meeting.  Something had to be done.  I had to change this - for the better.  

I stood up and asked everyone to join me on a walk outside.  Even though, at the...

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Breaking the Rules and Coloring Outside the Lines

the trend report Oct 20, 2023

In our recent podcast episode, #127, we ventured into the fascinating world of nonconformity in both business and personal growth. Host Sid Meadows, a seasoned business strategist, navigated us through thought-provoking conversations about the power of daring to color outside the lines. This article expands on the insights shared in that episode, touching on key aspects that underline the impact of challenging the status quo and embracing uniqueness.

The discussion starts out with a comparison that connects our childhood coloring books with adult conformity. As children, we were taught to color within the lines, which was a silent nudge towards adhering to norms. However, as we transition into adulthood, this lesson inadvertently follows us, shaping our decision-making processes in both our personal and professional lives. Sid encourages us to ponder on a critical question: "What if we decided to break free from these invisible lines?"

This episode highlighted the...

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The 3-Cā€™s of Business Research

viewpoint magazine Oct 08, 2023

The 3-C’s of Business Research 

Why understanding your customers, competitors and colleagues is critical to your success

I remember it like it was yesterday, but it was 20 years ago.  I was sitting at the conference table with the company’s leadership and several representatives from the customer.  We were meeting so they could share with us why we had been awarded their project.  This was a first for me and I was excited to learn why we had won.  I was anticipating they would say things like, you were the low price, you have the better products, your overall package fit our needs the best.

However, what they shared stopped me in my tracks, could this really be a driver in why we were successful?  You see, this project started when a bid landed on my desk and as I looked through it, my initial thought was “this is impossible, we’ll never win.”  But that was my job, to take the impossible and make it a reality.  So...

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The Intersection of Personal Branding and Contract Furniture with Aaron Estabrook

the trend report Sep 08, 2023

In episode 125 of The Trend Report Podcast, my guest Aaron Estabrook and I discuss all things contract furniture, and the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the industry. Aaron is the Director of Digital Marketing at OFS and he shines a light on this vibrant industry in this captivating conversation.

Aaron’s career trajectory is as unique as it is enlightening. His journey, which meandered from the music business to marketing and advertising, eventually led him to the world of contract furniture. He found his role at OFS, which he describes as bringing him immense joy, through this intriguing path. Aaron’s rich experiences, both in New York and Washington DC, have played an instrumental role in honing his skills in personal branding. 

The Trend Report, Episode 125

Aaron offers valuable insights into leveraging digital marketing to create engaging content. He believes that digital marketing can be an efficient tool to provide customers with content that...

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The Importance of Continuous Growth

viewpoint magazine Sep 01, 2023

Understanding the role that personal, professional and industry specific growth plays in your success!

There is no doubt that the world around us is constantly changing, evolving and in most cases, moving forward.  Whether you’re a seasoned professional like me, a budding newbie to the industry, or somewhere in the middle, forward progress is critical for your continued growth and success. 

My journey of continuous growth started just a few short years ago.  In March of 2017, I entered a room of 25 other aspiring Coaches and my world changed forever.  

During this year-long program to become a Certified Professional Coach, I discovered what professional development and growth was all about.  It’s about me.  It’s about me doing the work, sometimes, really hard work, to understand who I am, who I want to be and how I am going to become the best version of me.  Because it’s about me, and it’s about you. ...

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Experiences that Shaped an Industry Leader with Sam Richardson, CEO of Identity Group

the trend report Aug 20, 2023

In episode 124 of The Trend Report Podcast, I had an engaging conversation with Sam Richardson, the President and CEO of the Identity Group. His journey to the top is an intriguing blend of sports, international living, and a deep dive into the paper and print industry. His experiences, from his time on the college sports field to the aroma of paper plants in the southern United States and his international stint in Brussels, Belgium, shaped his approach to the contract interiors industry.

The Trend Report, Episode 124

In this podcast interview, Sam shares valuable insights into the evolution of the Identity Group, honed through years of hard work and strategic decisions. The company has undergone a transformative journey in providing signage services, experiential graphics, and branded environments. These services are a testament to Richardson's belief in seizing opportunities, learning from experiences, and maintaining a delicate balance between personal growth and family...

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"I'm A Great Multitasker"

business of furniture Jun 12, 2022

Debunking the myth that you can effectively do more than one thing at a time.

Almost everyday, my clients talk about how effective they are at multitasking and how they are getting so much accomplished. Well, I hate to break it to you, but guess what? Multitasking is a lie!

The only thing that multitasking does is give you the opportunity to screw up more than one thing at a time. You might think I’m being a pessimist, but science backs me up - multitasking is a hoax.

When you try to do two things at once, you can’t do either of them well. The reality is, our brains don’t work that way.  Our brains have channels and where there is channel interference, we aren’t able to process fully and focus effectively on doing either of the tasks we try to “multitask.” These channels are what allow us to walk and chew gum at the same time - because that activity is using different channels, not the same channel. 

Think about this for a minute...

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