The Intersection of Personal Branding and Contract Furniture with Aaron Estabrook

the trend report Sep 08, 2023

In episode 125 of The Trend Report Podcast, my guest Aaron Estabrook and I discuss all things contract furniture, and the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the industry. Aaron is the Director of Digital Marketing at OFS and he shines a light on this vibrant industry in this captivating conversation.

Aaron’s career trajectory is as unique as it is enlightening. His journey, which meandered from the music business to marketing and advertising, eventually led him to the world of contract furniture. He found his role at OFS, which he describes as bringing him immense joy, through this intriguing path. Aaron’s rich experiences, both in New York and Washington DC, have played an instrumental role in honing his skills in personal branding. 

The Trend Report, Episode 125

Aaron offers valuable insights into leveraging digital marketing to create engaging content. He believes that digital marketing can be an efficient tool to provide customers with content that...

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Experiences that Shaped an Industry Leader with Sam Richardson, CEO of Identity Group

the trend report Aug 20, 2023

In episode 124 of The Trend Report Podcast, I had an engaging conversation with Sam Richardson, the President and CEO of the Identity Group. His journey to the top is an intriguing blend of sports, international living, and a deep dive into the paper and print industry. His experiences, from his time on the college sports field to the aroma of paper plants in the southern United States and his international stint in Brussels, Belgium, shaped his approach to the contract interiors industry.

The Trend Report, Episode 124

In this podcast interview, Sam shares valuable insights into the evolution of the Identity Group, honed through years of hard work and strategic decisions. The company has undergone a transformative journey in providing signage services, experiential graphics, and branded environments. These services are a testament to Richardson's belief in seizing opportunities, learning from experiences, and maintaining a delicate balance between personal growth and family...

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