Who We Serve 

Entrepreneurs - or those who desire to be one. We support you by sharing our knowledge, skills and resources to help you grow and your business grow.

Who We Serve 

Contract Interiors gurus all find a place here, regardless of their role.  We support manufacturers, dealers, independent reps, A&D firms and more.

What We Do

We provide information, tools, education, and relevant resources to empower our clients to create the success they want so that they can grow and thrive.

How We Do It 

Business business strategy and professional coaching alongside Sid, combined with dynamic educational programs, research, and other powerful services.








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Sharing our insights and knowledge to help you learn something new

Amazing Entrepreneurs Club


Listen in on live interviews with innovative entrepreneurs around the world offering their success stories (and worst mistakes) to aspiring business-owners.

Meet unique business founders every week!

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The Trend Report Podcast


Our Podcast provides you with information, education, ideas, and tools to help you in your personal life, your business, and the Contract Interiors Industry.

New guests appear each week for relevant, fresh listening experience week after week.


See Sid live

Podcasts, videos, presentations, and other expertise from Sid 


From decades in the Contract Interiors industry, to becoming an entrepreneur and a high performance coach, Sid’s experience makes him a strategic problem solver and a succinct, practical leader — and that’s what makes his guest appearances such a popular resource.


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The latest from my blog 

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Sep 15, 2021

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Sep 01, 2021

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Aug 25, 2021

      How we help you Stand Out:

Business Strategy 

A seasoned perspective and an objective industry eye — developing growth + business strategies with a professional coach that challenges new ideas and cultivates growth.  Our approach is about helping you move your business forward.

Develop Your Strategy

High Performance Coaching

High performance is reaching and sustaining long-term success, while also maintaining well-being and positive relationships, all based on 20+ years of research.  This individual or group program is focused on helping you move forward!  

Become a High Performer


From teaching CEUs to sales trainings and leadership workshops, Sid's vast experience makes him an excellent speaker on a variety of topics, including leadership, motivation, business strategy, and more.

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Growth Programs

Providing resources and content to our community that focuses on growth and development is a cornerstone of what we do — with programs in solution selling, goal setting, and more.  Growth is the only way to get you where you want to be and make you who you want to be!

Coming Soon!

IMPACTS Mastermind   

IMPACTS is a mastermind for entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, coaches and speakers.  The focus of this group is empowering you and the growth of your business within a group setting. Our focus is on the strategies and tactics needed to help you create the success you want and need. 

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Sid on Stage   

Keynotes, virtual presentations, podcast and more, Sid has been featured on multiple stages.  He shares his journey of entrepreneurship, what e's learned along the way and inspiration to help others. Highlights of some of his speaking engagements can be discovered here.

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Join us in the Amazing Entrepreneurs Club  

The Amazing Entrepreneurs Club is a community of entrepreneurs that support each other along the journey to creating the success you want and need while making an impact and changing the world -one person, one business at a time.  Come join us! 

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Join us in the My Sexy Business Club  

The My Sexy Business Club, founded by best selling author, podcaster and influencer of influencers, Kim White.  The club is focused on entrepreneurs, podcasters, authors, coaches, trainers and speakers or those that aspire to be these.  Come join the conversation! 

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Join us in the Contract Interiors Club  

The Contract Interiors Club on Clubhouse is for those that provide products and services to the built environment.  We have real conversations about what's happening in our industry including sales, marketing, trends and much more! 

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What our customers are saying

Testimonies + success stories from current and past clients

Wyatt R.

Founder at 180 Office Solutions

"Sid is THE MAN! I truly am not sure where I would be without his coaching, guidance and advice. He works hard and shoots straight. Sometimes the truth hurts a little but always glad to have heard it in the end. If you are looking for a professional coach put him at the top of your list. If you are in business interiors call him today!! If your not sure just listen to one of his podcasts or read his blog. He's giving away gold for free."

Jackie D.

Territory Manager, Office Furniture Manufacturer

"I've worked with Sid for over a year. He's an amazing coach and trainer.  His approach is open and friendly and he works hard to make sure you are engaging, learning and growing! To say my time with Sid was exceptional would not be fully accurate. I have been in the contract furniture world for 18 years now and Sid challenged the way I looked at things to ensure I was still growing and growing in the right direction. Some of the most important things I took away from the coaching with Sid was to be present, be passionate and go for it! He has continued to be an amazing role model and mentor in my life. I highly recommend Sid as a business coach to anyone that wants to grow."

Suzanne V.

Independent Manufacturers Representative

"Working with Sid has been extremely beneficial since I’ve moved into a management role. My background is design and sales, I needed some guidance on how to be a successful leader. Sid has taught me so many things not only about leading others but about myself and how to approach all situations professionally and personally."

Stewart B.

Principal at Universal Exports Distributor for Nook Wellness Pods

"Sid has been an invaluable resource to me and my team for over a year, helping us successfully work through strategies to make the best of the opportunities in the current market. Sid gets the best out of us - at the end of every session, we always come away with a long list of action points, which is exactly the way it should be! I have no hesitation in recommending Sid - just make sure he leaves some personal bandwidth for us!"

A note from Coach Sid

I want to connect with you!


I’m Sid Meadows, and I’m a 3-decade, Contract Interiors industry veteran who stepped back from leadership to focus on helping businesses and individuals grow to reach their full potential. 

Yep, I pivoted career as an individual contributor, after I’d already worked my way up to some of the highest leadership positions with some of the largest manufacturers in the world — and it’s been the most rewarding decision. 

As a seasoned leader, I’ve lived through (and am living through) many shifts in sales and business practices over the years and helped organizations navigate and adapt strategies as they go. Now, I couple my training and experience as a high performance coach to support business leaders, sales teams, and individuals and help move them into the position for their ultimate success. 

Continual improvement, professional development, and business growth — that’s what I’m all about. Let’s have a conversation about your goals and how to get you where you want to be in your job, your career, and your life!

— Sid Meadows

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