Welcome!  I'm glad you're here!  I'm Sid Meadows and I've worked it the Contract Interiors Industry my entire career.  During the past few weeks our world, our industry and our lives have been turned upside down!  As someone who cherishes our industry and it's people, I knew I needed to do something to support and connect our community.  I needed to serve you in a way that was important, meaningful and valuable! 

So, I'm excited to share with you Connecting Our Community!  Please hang out and explore the site for a few minutes and learn about all the complimentary and reduced cost limited services we are now offering.  The struggles we are all experiences will pass - and hopefully soon!  Until then, I'm here to support you and serve our community the best way I can!  Stay home, stay safe and together, we will win!

~ Be well friends ~ 

Stand Out In The Crowd

Join us on the road to recovery and prosperity!

There is so much uncertainty in the world right now and we all need a place of focus and calm, so we can take advantage of the opportunity to connect, learn and grow together.  

I created the perfect place for all of us.  A place to connect, learn and grow.

All of the events, programs, trainings and resources here are complimentary!  No strings, no sales pitch, just valuable tools to help you during this time.

My vision is an industry coming together to support each other, regardless of what you do or who you work for.

My mission is to support you. 

My goal is to help you. 

My passion is our industry and it's people!

As you take advantage of these products, please reach out to me directly if you have additional ideas on products you want or need - or just say hi! 


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Ways to Engage!


The Trend Report Podcast is all about providing you with information, education, ideas and tools to you in your personal life, your business and our industry!  Enjoy!



Thoughts on business, industry and life are in my blog.  In addition, I post the columns I've written for the Business of Furniture Magazine here as well.  Happy reading!  Hope you enjoy!


Success Soundbites

These quick - less than 3-Minute videos are packed with tips to help you Craft Your Journey.  Packed with value, these are energetic tips guaranteed to help you discover the success you want and need! 



Providing you with content to help you learn, grow and develop is at the core of what I do!  My YouTube Channel is packed with video resources, so check it out and subscribe!


Just like you, our lives are upside down!  We are facing new challenges everyday and we are facing them together, as a family.  Our focus in on gratitude first, then being of service and supporting our family, friends and community.  


I decided to pivot my business to support you and an industry I love.  No matter what you need, I'm here to support you.


We will get through this.  We will be better because of this.  We are community of creatives, out of the box thinkers and problem solvers. We are strong and mighty!


Now, more than ever, is the time for us to connect, come together and strive.  

-The Meadows Family
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I'd welcome the opportunity to connect with you on a regular basis!  Please join us!  Our promise is to provide you with the best value and never overload you with emails - we respect you and your inbox!

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