The Evolving Role of the Independent Rep

the trend report Nov 17, 2023

In this compelling episode, we explore the unique journey of Jason Levy, an industry veteran who has made his mark in the office furniture industry. Levy's story is one of resilience and adaptability. From his early days as a culinary student to stepping up to the demands of his family business after his mother's cancer diagnosis, his path is a testament to his ability to evolve and thrive.

One of the critical aspects Levy brings to light is the shifting landscape of the business world. The changes in the industry, especially amidst the pandemic, have forced businesses to innovate and adapt. This shift, however, is not a challenge for Levy. Instead, he views it as an opportunity to get creative with his marketing strategies.

Levy’s marketing approach stands out in its originality and effectiveness. From using cupcakes and donuts to engaging his audience digitally, his strategies are both inventive and refreshing. These unconventional methods reflect Levy's belief in building sincere and engaging relationships within the Architectural and Design (A&D) community.

In the current climate, Levy has adapted his approach to marketing to the A&D community. With a decrease in attendance at in-person meetings, reaching the same audience as before 2020 has become a challenge. However, Levy’s solution is to focus on individual outreach. He has been working on developing relationships through social media, sending samples and brochures, and marketing with the brands he represents.

The Trend Report, Episode 127

Furthermore, Levy’s passion for Apple products and his belief in the importance of reading physical books to his children offer a glimpse into his personal life. It highlights the balance he maintains between his personal and professional life, a balance that is essential in today's hectic world.

The blurring lines between residential and commercial industries is another interesting aspect Levy brings up. This trend of increasing similarity between the two sectors offers a new perspective on how the office furniture industry is evolving.

Levy’s journey through the office furniture industry is more than just a business story. It’s a blend of personal anecdotes, professional advice, and profound insights that are sure to inspire, educate, and entertain. His story serves as a reminder that in the face of change and adversity, resilience and innovation are the keys to success.


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