BOF Column - What do you need to do to be successful?

What do you need to do to be successful?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you been asked that question by a friend, colleague or boss? My guess is yes, you’ve likely been asked that question multiple times during your career regardless of how long you have been working. So, how did you answer?

The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. We are all on different paths and our definition of success is not the same. Some people may define success by money or title, while others may define it as happiness or something else. You have to develop your own recipe for success, because unlike baking a cake; the recipe and outcome are not the same for everyone. Each of us has a purpose, goal, and direction that is unique, thus making our view of success unique to us!

Do you know what success looks like for you? If not, you need to define it and you need to do it now! Stop wandering aimlessly down the path of life! Think about what success means to you...

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Success Soundbites - Presence

success soundbites Jul 12, 2018

Welcome to success sound bites. I'm Sid Meadows, and I'm the founder and principal of Embark CCT. We're a coaching, consulting, and training company working with small to mid-sized businesses and individuals and helping them craft their journey toward success. We're really glad you're here today.

This is our fourth video in the month of July. We're sharing tips with you, and we're really excited about today's tip. But before we share today's tip, I thought I'd take a moment and tell you a little bit about my journey.

So about 12 months I quit my J-O-B. After 25 years in the corporate world, I decided it was time for me to do something for myself, and so I started Embark. And you can read about our first year as a company in our new blog on the website if you're interested in it.

But anyways, I knew that part of what I have as acornerstone, of what i wanted Embark to be, was coaching. And it was going to be really easy for me to put a sign up and say, "Hey, I'm a coach." But I knew...

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The First Year

embark cct blog Jul 09, 2018

Happy 1st Birthday

We made it!  Embark CCT, LLC is officially one year old and WOW, what a year it’s been!  We’ve had our up’s and downs, as do all new organizations, but it’s been an amazing journey. As you can imagine, things started out slowly as we got going and began to share our message about what we do with the Contract Interiors Industry, but business quickly began to pick up and now, we’ve grown beyond what I thought was possible in the first year!

In this, my second blog (yes, I know, but I’m committed to doing a better job moving forward!), I wanted to share what’s been going on and how we’ve changed and grown as a company – and where we are headed!!!

The 1st Year Recap: Some highlights of our 1st Year.

I added CPC to the end of my signature: I decided that if I was going to call myself a coach, I was going to get the credentials to support it.  In November 2017, I started my journey...

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Why I started Embark

embark cct blog Jun 06, 2017


Thanks for checking out Embark and our blog! My goal with this blog and the ones to follow is to make them informative, relevant, thoughtful and fun. After all, the purpose of a blog is to share information and ideas. Hopefully, they will be good enough to keep you coming back, because what is a blog without readers?

Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the keynote address made by Mark Zuckerberg to the 2017 graduating class of Harvard University. His speech was about purpose. If you haven’t had the chance to see it, it’s worth the time investment. Though he focuses on the generation of millennials, there is something for all of us in this address. We all need a purpose. Some of us have it, some of us want it and watching this may help you find your purpose. The link below is from the Harvard Gazette and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

As I was coming up...

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