Success Soundbites - The Rule of 5

success soundbites Mar 05, 2019

Hey, there. Welcome to Success Sound Bites. I'm Sid Meadows and I'm the founder and principal of Embark CCT. We're a coaching, consulting, and training company. And we work with small to mid-sized business and individuals at helping them craft their journey toward success.

I'm really glad you're here with us today for this week's version of Success Sound Bites. And as you might have noticed we've been gone for the last several weeks, and that was by design. I set an intention at the beginning of the year to step away from social media, just for a few weeks, in order to be sure that we were effectively planning our year. We were setting our goals. We were getting our path directed so that we could make 2019 Embark's best year ever. I feel that we have done that. We had a great few weeks kind of getting everything together, my team and I. And so we're really excited. We've got some great things to share with you.

If you're interested in professional development you need to be sure...

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What Your Clients Care About - in case you've forgotten

What Your Clients Care About - in case you’ve forgotten.

Have you ever been in one of those meetings where you got the opportunity to share with the client  who you are, what you do, the amazing company you work for and the awesome products you sell?

If you are like most people, including me, you walked away from that meeting and thought, “that was a great meeting”.  You delivered your message in a powerful and meaningful way and the customer was fully engaged. You did most of the talking, but that was the goal - they needed to know who you are and that you are the right choice!  You needed to move the sale forward and throwing up on the client, with everything about you, was the right path to take.

This happened to me a few weeks ago.  I was super excited about a call we were having with a potential client, who we haven’t worked with before, and who had reached out directly to us inquiring about our services.

After a few minutes of...

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Experience Doesn't Matter!

How often do you update your resume and list out all your experiences and accomplishments? When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile to be sure your most recent job and experiences were listed? If you’re like most people, you are constantly doing this - you want people to know what experience you have and how qualified you are for that job or project they may have. You want to stand out from the crowd when recruiters are searching for candidate, right? Well, the truth is, Your Experience Doesn’t Matter!!

Experience is defined as your knowledge or skill in a particular job or activity that you have gained because you have done that job or activity for a long time. And that’s great, you gained a lot of experience, but who really cares? You do - you’re updating your experience to share with others and for all your online connections to see.

The reality is, your experience says nothing about who you really are and what you actually know! The word...

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Stop Networking, Start Connecting

Stop Networking, Start Connecting  

Make 2019 the year you stop networking!  I’m sure right now you’re all thinking, this guy is crazy.  You live to network, right?  I bet your boss or manager talks to you about the importance of networking all the time, right?  You’ve likely been conditioned to believe that networking is critical to your success, so you have to get out there and do it, right?

 What exactly is networking?  Well, according to my Google Search, the Dictionary defines networking as:

 the action or process of interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts.”

 So basically, networking is interacting with others to develop contacts.  That’s great - we all need more contacts - our CRM doesn’t have enough people in it, we need more addresses in our email system, we need to grow our contacts on LinkedIn and other social networks. ...

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New Year, New Heights

New Year New Heights

Happy New Year!  Are you ready to make 2019 your best year yet?  Are you prepared to move to new heights? Do you know what heights you want to reach?

Each and every year most of us create and set New Year's Resolutions.  We do this to motivate us to grow and develop, change a habit, improve our health and more, all because we want to have some form of positive change in our lives.  Yet, according to a report by US News, over 80% of us give up on them or fail at them by the second week in February. So basically, we are only committed to a positive change for 45 days or so.  Why is that?

Part of the reason our resolutions only last for 45 days or so is because we are not truly committed to them.  They are just resolutions after all and it’s become very common place to not commit to them, focus on them or keep them.  It’s not like you have an accountability partner that’s going to check in with you every few days...

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Summon your Courage! It’s time to change your life

Summon your Courage! It’s time to change your life.


Courage is defined as the ability to do something that frightens you, or having strength in the face of pain or grief. Courage is all around us, you see examples of it every day. It’s displayed at work, at home, by a member of your family, on TV, in the movies, on YouTube, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Examples of courage are easy find, just look around. What is hard to find is the courage within you!

 Yes, that’s right. Your courage is hard to see and find and you know it! Ask yourself these questions: How has courage played a role in my life? How has it helped me? Has it limited me or hurt me? What have I done to be courageous? Why am I risk averse?

 Whether you realize it or not, you ask yourself these questions, in some form or another, on a daily basis. I know I did for a long time and then one day, I finally made the biggest decision in my life and I can’t begin to tell you how...

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Success Soundbites - Leadership

success soundbites Dec 11, 2018

Welcome to Success Soundbites. I'm Sid Meadows, and I'm the founder and principal of Embark CCT. We're a coaching, consulting and training company. And we work with small to mid-sized businesses and individuals in helping them craft their journey towards success.

Hey, we're really glad you're here today for this week's tip. Today's topic is about leadership. When you think about leadership, what comes to mind or who comes to mind? Is there any particular leader that you follow on Facebook, or Instagram, or LinkedIn, or other social platforms? Any leaders that you just particularly follow?

Well, have you ever thought about why do you follow them and what is it about them that really makes you want to follow and learn from them? Well, I think part of it might be that leadership is actually practiced in not words, but in actions and attitudes. Think about that for a second. You're following certain leaders probably because of some of their actions: the things that they're doing to lead...

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Start Your Goal Setting Process by Asking These 3 Questions

As 2018 comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about 2019 and your goals!  How do you set goals?  What types of goals do you set? 

Most people set tactical goals or to-do list goals - ones that don’t really challenge you or help you grow or move your career forward. 

As you begin your 2019 planning and goal setting, think about setting Aspirational Goals.  These are major goals that will ensure you move your career forward towards the success you want!  Designed to be big goals, aspirational goals should challenge you and cause to you reflect on the past while designing your future!  Yes, designing your future!

Goal setting is an important part of designing your career.  When you set specific aspirational goals, it forces you to focus on the goal and the actions needed to attain the goal.  If the goal is too small or vague, it’s not likely you will accomplish it. 

 Start your goal setting process by...

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Success Soundbites - Courage

success soundbites Nov 20, 2018

Hey there. Welcome to Success Soundbites.

I'm Sid Meadows and I'm the founder and principal of Embark CCT. We're a coaching, consulting, and training company, and we work a small to midsize businesses and individuals and helping them craft their journey towards success.

Hey, I'm really glad you're here today. This is a really special edition of Success Soundbites. I have some really great information to share with you. But before I do that, I wanted to get to this week's topic.

This week's topic is all about courage. When you think about courage, what does courage mean to you? And how has you being courageous?  How has it impacted your life?  When I think about my life, especially in the last couple of years and the role that courage has played in my life - wow, what an amazing impact it's had.

Almost two years ago, I quit my job, jumped off a cliff, didn't know exactly what I was going to do, and that took a ton of courage. And then, I started my company, which also took...

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BOF Column - What do you need to do to be successful?

What do you need to do to be successful?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you been asked that question by a friend, colleague or boss? My guess is yes, you’ve likely been asked that question multiple times during your career regardless of how long you have been working. So, how did you answer?

The thing is, there is no right or wrong answer to this question. We are all on different paths and our definition of success is not the same. Some people may define success by money or title, while others may define it as happiness or something else. You have to develop your own recipe for success, because unlike baking a cake; the recipe and outcome are not the same for everyone. Each of us has a purpose, goal, and direction that is unique, thus making our view of success unique to us!

Do you know what success looks like for you? If not, you need to define it and you need to do it now! Stop wandering aimlessly down the path of life! Think about what success means to you...

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