Building a Dynamic Leadership Team

business of furniture Sep 09, 2020

Building a Dynamic Leadership Team
Incorporating the 3 Be’s to create cohesive leadership team 

Building a dynamic and effective leadership team is a feat that a lot of businesses, no matter their size, struggle accomplishing. Based on the significant number of books, articles, videos, and posts circulating around these days about leadership, I’d say the concern for cultivating leadership and the desire to lead well permeate throughout the business world, regardless of industry. In fact, if you Google the phase, “evidence of bad leadership teams” you get 40M+ responses in 0.55 seconds… that’ a lot of information to sort through!

The Small Business Chronicle indicates some of the key traits of an ineffective leadership team, including: no chemistry, no communication, high employee turnover, no vision, micromanagement, lack of clear expectation for employees, the leader(s) has favorites, and the leader(s) is perceived as a bully. If I...

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Understanding and Preventing Burnout

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020

Understanding and Preventing Burnout
Where to start when it comes to stopping burnout in your life

Each and every one of us are going through something right now. We're all experiencing everything that life is throwing at us a little bit differently. 

Some of us are dealing with kids going back to school, in person or virtually, or maybe a combination of both.  There are those of us that are trying to figure out return-to-work strategies, if we’re even going back to the office at all. Some families are trying to deal with both adults working from home at the same time and deciding what the long-term work life balance looks like.

Some of us are trying to determine how to grow our businesses and thrive in crazy economic times, and I could go on and on, but you get the point life has dealt us an unexpected hand of craziness and challenges right now. Our current circumstances create stress and anxiety for all of us, and all of these things and other, unspoken...

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The Biggest Hiring Mistake

business of furniture Aug 26, 2020

The Biggest Hiring Mistake
Why changing the way you hire is an important growth strategy for your organization 

We’re in the middle of an economic downturn! We all know this, and we’ve all been impacted in one way or another by the current state of our economy. Companies are laying off employees and downsizing, and I’m over here writing a column about The Biggest Hiring Mistake you’re making right now. A bit off base? 

Perhaps at first glance, but we are not going to be in this cycle forever and as a business owner, leader, or hiring manager — it’s more important now than ever before that you hire the right talent at the right time for your company’s growing and ever-changing needs. 

I’ve spent countless hours over the past several months working with and coaching a lot of people that have been displaced due to the current economic environment. Some of them were employed with the same company for years, decades even, to...

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business of furniture Aug 19, 2020

A different perspective

Right now, there are a lot of conversations happening around the concept of how you should pivot your business, and if you know me and you know my focus on service and community — you know I am a big proponent of pivoting your business in a time of need. In fact, I’ve talked about it a few times in recent columns and Rob mentioned it in his opening letter of BOF a couple weeks ago, “Blockbuster vs Netflix.”

What it means to pivot your business is to change your customer segment, your channel, revenue model/pricing, and any other business component to create a substantial change in how you do business. And when I talk about pivoting in a time of need, that’s exactly what I’m suggesting you do right now take an honest, critical look at your business and consider what new opportunities might be possible in your organization, given the current state of our industry and today’s economy.  ...

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What Zone Are You In?

business of furniture Aug 05, 2020

What Zone Are You In?

Understanding the 4 Zones of Your Life, Overcoming blocks, choosing new challenges, & pushing yourself to be your best 

To say things are a little unsettled right now is an understatement. Most people are still working from home, with limited-to-no in-person contact with their co-workers and friends. We’re Zooming more than we want to, but our commutes have gotten a lot easier. 

When all this started back in March, we thought it would all be over soon and life would return to normal before summer we’ll that didn’t happen! So, we settled in, got comfortable with our “new norm” and pushed forward. For a time, we were outside our Comfort Zone, then redefined what comfort was during such a crazy time and jumped right back in! Though it’s strange, this new normal feels good to us now kind of like a cozy blanket on a cold morning!

In all aspects of our lives, being in our comfort zone is safe and easy....

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Make It Count

business of furniture Jul 29, 2020

Make It Count
Intentional Connection & Making Your Biggest Impact Yet

This past week, a former customer and someone who I had become friends with over the years died suddenly of a heart attached. He was in his mid-40’s and left behind a wonderful, loving family, along with a beautiful teenage daughter. My heart sank when I learned the news, and my thoughts went directly to his daughter and how she is dealing with this sudden, unwanted, and traumatic grief.

As I read the tributes to him and his life on social media, I found myself pondering the one life we have and how we need to make it count each and every day. And my friend did this! He lived life to the fullest, loved openly and powerfully, and not only touched, but impacted those around him. The tributes from his coworkers, teammates, bosses, employees, and friends speak to the type of person he really was he made each day count!

Do you? Think about that for just a minute do you really make each...

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Networking The New Way

business of furniture Jul 15, 2020

Networking the New Way

How professional relationships have changed and how to make them work for you 

Currently 20 million people are unemployed in the U.S.,  and if I asked any one of you, I’m sure you personally know 5 or more people that are job searching right now. And if you’re like me, you want to help them in some way, right?   

But how? The job market is soft, layoffs are continuing, and companies around the world have instituted hiring freezes. However, believe it or not, some industries are thriving right now, and those companies ARE hiring! So, how can you beat unemployment right now? The answer is simple — good, old fashioned networking (with the help of some 21st century, Covid-appropriate technology, of course). 

Networking is changing because of COVID — quarantine is still a necessity for some and may be a reality for a long time, the lockdown has closed several businesses and halted entire industries, and...

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business of furniture Jul 08, 2020

Innovation is HERE

How to embrace innovation in your business 

One of the many things our industry is known for is innovation — we’re constantly adapting and evolving the ways people work, how spaces are built, designed, and furnished, all with the goal of increased productivity and employee engagement for our clients. Innovation is a necessity in our industry. 

Think about it for just a minute, what are some of the most recent innovations in our industry?  Which pivot has impacted you and your business the most? Was it a product, program, process, technology, manufacturing switch, or something else? 

I’ve been in the industry for nearly 30 years, and I can confirm that the innovation just keeps getting faster, better, and more customer-focused each year. For me, most of my favorite innovations are in the product category, which is perfect, since I’m a self-proclaimed product junkie — and you’d have to admit, there have been...

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2020 Cancelled?

business of furniture Jun 24, 2020

2020 Cancelled?

One of the toughest years could be your best year 

It started out as a great year. The economy was rolling, the stock market was breaking records daily, unemployment was at its lowest. People, the economy, business — everything was thriving. We were riding the wave, spending money, having fun, and living our best (or so we thought) life! 

Then it all stopped — as if in slow motion, everything we knew, loved, and enjoyed came to a screeching halt. We were in lock down. What started out as a few weeks, turned into months — and for some, quarantine isn’t over yet. People lost their jobs, businesses have closed, the economy sank… and more. All right before our eyes. 

Then, things started to get cancelled. I could list all the cancellations, but that would take up way too much space in this column and, you’d get bored reading it — not to mention, you’ve lived the cancellations! Weddings, graduations,...

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business of furniture Jun 04, 2020


Another meaning to one of the most overused words in the world

When I did a Google Search of the word “hope”, I got 2.7 Billion hits in 0.64 seconds - I’d say that’s an indication that it’s a popular word and likely one of the most overused words in the world today.  The dictionary defines hope (a noun) as a “feeling of expectation and desire for a certain this to happen” — especially focused on good things! We all need hope, and we all need good things to happen in our lives. 

One of my favorite quotes is by Christopher Reeve, who said, “Once you choose hope, anything’s possible,” and it’s so true. Hope is a feeling, an emotion, momentum that changes our mindset and helps keep us focused in the right direction. And as Reeve’s said — once we choose it, anything is possible. 

But in the current situation it can be hard to have hope, especially if you are one of the many people that...

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