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Episode 124 Show Notes


Join us for a riveting conversation with the dynamic Sam Richardson, President and CEO of the Identity Group. Sam's journey to the top is an intriguing cocktail of sports, international living, and a deep dive into the paper and print industry. Prepare to be engrossed as he takes us from his time on the college sports field, to the aroma of paper plants in the southern United States, and his international experience in Brussels, Belgium. Don't miss out as he articulates how these experiences shaped his approach to the contract interiors industry.

Sam goes on to share valuable insights into the evolution of the Identity Group, honed through years of hard work and strategic decisions. A rich narrative unfolds as he details the company's transformation in providing signage services, experiential graphics, and branded environments. This is an opportunity to learn from a seasoned CEO about the importance of seizing opportunities, learning from experiences, and the delicate balance required between personal growth and family commitments when making career decisions.

Finally, brace yourself as Sam unravels the intersection between experiential graphics, furniture, and the disruption in the industry. Revealing the role of SEGD and how the Identity Group is leading the way in transitioning from analog to digital. We also get a sneak peek into a major upcoming revelation from the Identity Group. Be sure to join us for this enlightening conversation with Sam Richardson, who continues to shape the future of the contract interiors industry.


In this episode:

[00:00] Emotional Connection and CEO Insights

[12:52] Leadership, Personal Growth, and Signage

[20:31] Experiential Graphics and Furniture Merging

[35:37] Furniture Industry Disruption and Innovation

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