The Intersection of Personal Branding and Contract Furniture with Aaron Estabrook

the trend report Sep 08, 2023

In episode 125 of The Trend Report Podcast, my guest Aaron Estabrook and I discuss all things contract furniture, and the possibilities and opportunities that exist in the industry. Aaron is the Director of Digital Marketing at OFS and he shines a light on this vibrant industry in this captivating conversation.

Aaron’s career trajectory is as unique as it is enlightening. His journey, which meandered from the music business to marketing and advertising, eventually led him to the world of contract furniture. He found his role at OFS, which he describes as bringing him immense joy, through this intriguing path. Aaron’s rich experiences, both in New York and Washington DC, have played an instrumental role in honing his skills in personal branding. 

The Trend Report, Episode 125

Aaron offers valuable insights into leveraging digital marketing to create engaging content. He believes that digital marketing can be an efficient tool to provide customers with content that they find interesting. He emphasizes the importance of understanding what customers want and continually providing them with more of the same. 

The discussion delves into the importance of personal branding, which Aaron believes is crucial for success in any industry. Drawing from his experience in Washington DC, where he trained others for multiple different types of in persaon appearances, Aaron emphasizes the significance of maintaining a consistent personal brand. He also highlights the need for quality information over visuals and suggests that small, consistent efforts over time can weave a compelling narrative of who you are. 

One of the most important questions addressed in the conversation is why people hesitate to share their voice. Aaron provides an insightful perspective, citing social conditioning and the fear of judgment as key factors that discourage people from sharing their voice. He also shares practical advice on overcoming these barriers and emphasizes the importance of being comfortable with oneself to build a strong personal brand.

In the context of contract furniture, Aaron shares how his experiences in the music industry have informed his approach to marketing in this industry. He discusses the prevalent product-focused approach and suggests a shift towards a more people-first approach. He believes that people do business with people, reinforcing the significance of personal branding.

The episode concludes with Aaron reflecting on the power of consistency in personal branding. With almost 20 years of experience in digital marketing, he believes that consistency is the most powerful force in marketing. Aaron's journey and his unique insights into personal branding and the contract furniture industry make for a fascinating listen, providing valuable takeaways for anyone interested in these fields. 

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, personal branding has become a crucial element for success. As Aaron’s experiences demonstrate, a strong personal brand can not only enhance visibility but also help build meaningful connections and pave the way for long-term success.

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