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Episode 125 Show Notes


Ever wondered what the world of contract furniture holds? Our guest today, Aaron Estabrook, the Director of Digital Marketing at OFS reveals it all in a vibrant conversation. Aaron found his path to this industry through an exciting journey that took him from the music business to marketing and advertising, and helped him clinch a role that brings him joy.

Get ready to hear some powerful insights on leveraging digital marketing to create engaging content, and the magic of consistency in personal branding. Aaron shares his experiences from New York and Washington DC, where he honed his skills in personal branding, right down to training politicians for TV appearances. We also delve into how his time in the music industry has shaped his people-focused approach to marketing.

What makes people hesitate to share their voice? We tackle this, along with practical advice on overcoming barriers to personal branding, and the importance of quality information over visuals. The episode wraps up with Aaron offering his perspective on the power of consistency in personal branding, and how small, consistent efforts over time can weave a compelling narrative of who you are. Join us for this captivating discussion on digital marketing, personal branding, and the unexplored world of contract furniture with Aaron Estabrook.

In this episode:

[00:00] Personal Branding and Leveraging Social Media

[06:32] Contract Furniture Industry and Personal Branding

[10:27] Personal Branding

[13:50] Shifting From Product-Focused to People-Focused Marketing

[17:59] Sharing Your Voice

[29:51] Overcoming Barriers to Personal Branding

[39:04] Consistency in Personal Branding and Marketing

[44:22] Expressing Gratitude and Promoting Future Episodes

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