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Episode 52 Show Notes


For the first time ever, we have a true designer on the show. Brian Graham is an interior designer turned furniture designer who uses his unique view of space to create truly customizable pieces. Listen as he shares more about the design process and his thoughts on the future of commercial furniture.


Inspiration can strike anywhere, at any time. Which is why Brian keeps a sketchbook near him at all times. His goal is to create furniture that has clean lines, is functional, and is still beautiful, and he definitely succeeds. 


There is a huge difference though, between creating one off pieces and designing pieces that are meant to go into mass production. Brian talks about those differences and why he likes to mix it up between both types of projects.


One of my favorite parts of the conversation had to be when he explained why the design process takes so long. Unbeknownst to me, it’s not design that takes forever. It’s the process of sourcing materials, clearing design with engineering, and then actually having the product manufactured and going to market. 


A new design is likely quick to to be imagined and slow to be realized. 


Listen in as he shares all of his tips and insider tricks regarding design and why he thinks commercial solutions in residential areas are going to be huge for the industry. Brian’s experience, expertise, and obvious love of his work is amazing to hear. If you’ve ever wondered about the design process, you won’t want to miss out on this conversation.


In this episode: 

[02:18] Welcome to the show, Brian!

[02:31] Brian shares his background and what he does now.

[05:32] When he gets involved in designing a product, it needs to be adaptable.

[07:22] Learn about the design process he goes through when he creates furniture.

[10:05] Where he gets the inspiration for his designs.

[13:21] Listen as he shares the names of some of the companies he’s designed for.

[17:21] The design process doesn’t take as long as you think because it’s just a small part of the complete product.

[20:30] “The design, the presentation and their acceptance of it is the beginning.”

[23:46] Some of his favorite designs by other designers.

[25:48] Why he likes to design tables and what has him working with more upholstery.

[27:04] Brian chats about his love of working with aluminum.

[30:54] Listen as Brian discusses some issues he has today.

[34:32] Though he’s never intentionally designed a residential product, he believes a chair is a chair.

[38:17] His advice for an inspiring interior designer/inspiring product designer that would help them move their career forward.

[42:16] Check out the NeoCon Conference.

[44:10] Thank you for being on the show!


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