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Episode 103 Show Notes


What does it truly mean to build a post-Covid company? Chris Smith of KFI Studios is the perfect person to ask. Listen as he shares how he got into the furniture industry and what he’s done with KFI Studios to prepare for the future despite the uncertain present. 

Chris started his career in the medical supplies industry. He was selling medical supplies when an opportunity presented itself to purchase a little chair company. After some deliberation, he decided this was the right move for him and his family.

They purchased the chair company in order to better manage their time and opportunities. 

Then Covid happened. But rather than focus on how they could shift their model in the short-term, they delved deeper into their long-term plans and goals. What could they do to prepare for a post-Covid world? 

They invested in their products, they invested in their warehouses, they invested time and money on rebranding, not simply to rebrand, but to reconnect with their ongoing purpose. 

Listen in as he talks about the struggles the industry is facing, what they’re doing to mitigate those struggles, and his thoughts on what others can and should be doing to enter the next few fiscal years from a place of strength rather than fear.


In this episode:

[01:49] Welcome to the show Chris!

[02:16] Chris shares how he got into the office furniture industry.

[05:34] Learn who KFI Studios are and where they are going.

[06:30] His definition of disruption.

[10:49] They showed off the unique design of their Jade chair at NeoCon and received rave reviews.

[13:11] Hear the story of how they went from being a commodity to a design driven brand.

[16:18] Design, quality, comfort and sustainability are the four things they focus on.

[19:57] Chris talks about the big changes they made to be a post-COVID company.

[21:48] KFI Studios has introduced 15 new products in the last 2 years.

[25:30] They are back to the normal pace of lead times unlike many companies.

[27:46] My outlook on the challenges every manufacturer is facing.

[29:43] Why would a dealer want to do business with KFI?

[32:55] He believes that business is all about trust and doing what you say you are going to do.

[35:22] Here is how to get in contact with him or KFI.

[36:11] Thank you for being on the show!


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