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Episode 104 Show Notes


Before Covid happened, there was a major push toward open-concept, collaborative workspaces that increased teamwork and transparency. The problem then became, what do you do when you’re taking an important phone call and need a private space? Enter Pillar Booth, the leading manufacturer of freestanding phone booths designed to create private areas in open office spaces. 

Ryan Leavitt’s good friend Sam Matthew was a frequent traveler and spent a great deal of time in communal co-working spaces all over the world. He’d had the idea for sound insulated phone booths for years, but it wasn’t until they were together that things started to move forward. 

What they’ve done is to provide private workspaces that are easily assembled, nice to look at, and space saving. Rather than having to run into a hallway or a car to take an important call, you can now sit, stand, or lean into those conversations while still maintaining a communal work environment.

As Ryan says, they’re not the first to make phone booths, they just make better phone booths with a greater purpose. Listen as he shares more about the company’s history, why their product is even more important post-Covid, and what makes their go-to-market strategy so innovative. 

This was a fantastic conversation filled with invaluable insights and I cannot wait for you to listen.

In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show Ryan!

[02:12] He shares about his background, company and what they do.

[03:22] Listen as Ryan discusses what led him to the furniture industry.

[06:26] He explains what problem phone booths solve.

[09:16] Ryan talks about why the industry doesn’t embrace sales enablement.

[12:50] “I want you to hit the pause button and re-listen to what Ryan just said.”

[15:17] He shares Pillar Booth’s go to market strategy.

[21:26] Ryan discusses locally sourcing products and being American made.

[23:29] I share my opinion on why the industry isn’t post sale focused.

[26:22] Pillar Booth is set up to be a lead generating source for dealers.

[28:05] He gives us a peek into what is coming up for Pillar Booth.

[31:07] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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