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Episode 106 Show Notes


I'm speaking with the Dopamine Dealer of Linked In - Joshua B. Lee who is well seasoned in online advertising. He currently owns StandOut Authority which brings human components back to the face of marketing. They specialize in personal branding and success utilizing LinkedIn

Despite the fact that LinkedIn has been in use for over 15 years, current data shows that the platform is on the up and providing the next great space for business connections. 

Building relationships with your audience on LinkedIn may seem like a daunting task, but it’s really no different from building real-world relationships. Engaging in the content of your audience is easily achieved by leaving comments that show that you value what they have to say and by sending messages as they relate to content posted. 

The future of sales and the opportunity to be a thought leader on LinkedIn is happening right now and you’ll want to be on the bus before the platform takes the next leap that Josh insists will blow your mind. 

In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show Joshua!

[02:16] Joshua B. Lee and the StandOut Authority 

[06:14] The standard LinkedIn Audience falls into a higher income and education bracket than other platforms

[07:58] Why creating content on LinkedIn is valuable

[09:33] How to shift your perspective on LinkedIn to see more things that you want to see

[10:38] Who is using research for Linked in?

[12:47] LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platform

[13:07] Businesses are missing out by not allowing their sales representatives to utilize LinkedIn

[15:06] The shift of brand advocacy and the value of developing your personal brand online

[18:15] How to optimize your profile and your content with the 10/20/70 rule to become a destination site in your field of expertise

[24:47] People make decisions based on some facet of emotions and that needs to be incorporated into your content on LinkedIn.

[29:11] Direct messages to strangers on LinkedIn (or any platform) don’t work and here’s why building relationships will actually lead to more sales. 

[36:50] Asking relevant questions on LinkedIn that can help you provide value to your audience and adding PDFs as content to LinkedIn bring the most success to business owners in building relationships for business purposes.

[39:06] Dopamine is key to building relationships and here is how you can bring it to your engagement

[45:42] How you can connect with Joshua and the StandOut Authority.

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