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Episode 107 Show Notes


When we look at glass manufacturing in commercial business spaces, we often don’t realize the process that happens behind the scenes to bring a beautiful, functional piece of architectural glass into a business or healthcare space.

I had an awesome interview with Vipul Bhagat, the COO of Skyline Design glass manufacturing, who shed a fantastic amount of light on an industry that many of us know very little about. Skyline Design has been in business for nearly 40 years and has dabbled in many areas of art, but has shifted strictly to glass manufacturing in the last 25 years.

Using manufacturing equipment from across the globe and high-quality starting materials, the pieces that are produced by Skyline Design, such as writable surfaces, are custom-made for multiple industries. Skyline manufactures glass pieces for the majority of healthcare facilities nationwide due to the cleanability of glass surfaces which has become paramount in light of the recent pandemic.

With their team of artists, designers, and architects, Skyline Design manufactures customized, branded glass that can fit the aesthetic of any company. With the highest quality starting materials and low-iron glass, they are able to capture the clearest, most vibrant colors in architectural glass. 

Not only committed to style, Skyline has also made intentional shifts to its manufacturing process to ensure that its processes are sustainable and eco-friendly. Tune in to this week's episode to hear more about how Skyline is using and re-using as much of its materials as possible to intentionally invest in the future of our industry.

In this episode:

[01:47] Welcome to the show Vipul!

[02:09] Skyline Design celebrates 40 years in business!

[05:30] The strict focus of Skyline Design is on architectural glass.

[07:40] Glass is a cleanable, nonporous surface.

[09:23] Equipment is shipped from around the world to manufacture glass in their 1920s Chicago building.

[11:33] Where does Skyline Design source its materials?

[12:29] Skyline Design captures the clearest colors in their glass.

[14:57] Customized, branded glass for your business’s aesthetic.

[16:57 ] How Skyline Design is sustainable and committed to keeping the planet safe.

[18:05] An additional investment to promote water conservation during Skyline’s manufacturing process.

[21:43] Using as much of the product as they can to minimize waste.

[26:25] Maintaining relationships with local vendors and sourcing materials domestically

[28:04] The people make the company.

[29:58] The future of glass manufacturing and Skyline Design.

[32:04] Get in touch with Skyline Design!

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