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Episode 108 Show Notes


The pandemic presented the contract interior industry with many challenges as it shifted the way we do business with our clients and end consumers. 

I had the opportunity to talk with Amanda Schneider of ThinkLab who hit me with a ton of insight on the best ways our businesses can shift to meet the challenges that we are faced with. By developing personas for our consumers that are generated by research, we can still be successful and lean into the future of our industry. 

Along with knowing your audience and speaking to them in their language, we want to create the best client experience for them as well. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by digging through your content, your website, and your advertisements and looking at them through the lens of the customer. By performing these types of audits, you gain an inside view and open the doors to finding areas where you can improve. 

Listen as we discuss why being in touch with your business through consumer research is the best way to know where to invest, where to improve, and see areas that will allow you to succeed.

In this episode:

[01:56] Welcome back to the show, Amanda!

[02:52] Amanda is the founder and president at ThinkLab.

[08:57] What do personas look like in the B2B world?

[14:29] The three phases to a Hackathon.

[16:15] The big takeaways from previous Hackathons.

[19:13] Age demographics of personas are changing.

[23:08] How the pandemic has shifted business operations from relationships to information.

[24:59] Being vulnerable to your business’s pain points to find opportunities to improve.

[27:57] Getting an outsider's viewpoint can provide amazing takeaways for improvement.

[31:18] The struggle to invest for the future.

[32:21] The ‘Rule of Thirds’ has shifted the future of the industry.

[37:08] The value of a persona takes marketing and strategy tools to the next level for your business.

[40:11] The future of ThinkLab!

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