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Episode 119 Show Notes


So many business owners believe that a brand is developed once and that’s what it always is, but in reality, all brands are changing and evolving. This evolution is extremely important because it means that the business is growing. Listen as Anjul and Erin of Thinkspace discuss the brand’s evolution and what it means for the future. 

Anjul started in the furniture industry after spending years in the beauty space. Erin left behind marketing “large refrigerator boxes on mountains” for the fun and complexity of furniture. Both of these women have come together to help Thinkspace change the way companies create beautiful and functional spaces for collaboration and focused work. 

Thinkspace started back in 2018 and since then we’ve had an unbelievable amount of global change that has directly impacted the contract interiors space. Not only in how we’re able to do business overall with supply chain issues and global shutdowns, but also in how we support the reunion of companies with their employees through innovative design solutions.

Since they started, Thinkspace has evolved from a one-product brand, to a suite of products all designed with productivity in mind, no matter how big or small the space.

Which is why it was time to refresh the brand. The evolution in the business created a need for an evolution in the brand itself. Now Thinkspace has its own dedicated space at The Mart and we are frantically prepping for NeoCon 2023. 

Erin and Anjul have some amazing takeaways on why business growth begets the need for brand evolution and how even small changes can make a huge impact. Listen in to hear their thoughts and learn all about what’s coming up next for Thinkspace. 


In this episode: 

[01:50] Anjul and Erin share a bit about themselves, their roles at Thinkspace, and how they got into the furniture business.

[07:07] Erin and Anjul let us know what they love about the furniture business. 

[09:43] Who is Thinkspace? 

[13:18] Anjul talks about how she and Mark got the business started and why. 

[15:36] Is there any one thing that they did that felt like a pivotal moment in building the business? 

[17:49] What is a brand? 

[20:39] How does Anjul want people to think of Thinkspace when they think of the brand? 

[21:45] Why is brand evolution so important to growth? 

[22:51] How is Thinkspace’s brand evolving? 

[26:37] Erin shares how the brand evolution was represented in Thinkspace’s logo. 

[28:42] How does Anjul identify product and brand partners? 

[30:34] What you can expect when you visit the Thinkspace area at the Mart. 

[33:56] Erin and Anjul share their final thoughts as we wrap up. 

[36:33] Connect with Erin and Anjul.

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