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Celebrating the launch of season five of The Trend Report podcast feels like commemorating a personal milestone, one filled with the voices and stories that have shaped not just the show, but me as well. As I look back at the path traveled, I'm thrilled to bring you recollections from the very first CEO chat with Chris Evanstad, to the heart-warming and challenging tales of family and resilience, like the one of Evan Lagueruela stepping up to lead Trinity Furniture during his father's health crisis. It's these narratives, filled with wisdom and courage, that form the core of what we've built together, and set the stage for the enlightening discussions that await us in this season.

Every episode is a new avenue for discovery, and this season, you'll be invited to explore the concept of the "zone of genius"—that sweet spot where passion meets talent—and how embracing it can lead to unforeseen joy and success. The conversations with guests like Dianne Murata, alongside many others who have brought their insights to our platform, will leave you inspired to identify your own unique strengths. 

As we delve into these rich stories of perseverance, legacy, and reinvention, I am reminded of the power of sharing and the profound impact it has had on my life and, hopefully, on yours. Join me on this continuing adventure, where the lessons learned are as meaningful as they are inspiring.


In this episode:

Trend Report Podcast Reflections
This episode is going to be a bit different than episodes in the past.
Listen as Sid shares the first clip from his very first CEO Chat episode.
This look back would not be complete without listening to one of the most poignant clips of the entire show.
Check out Sid's favorite conversation from season 3.
The very last episode from season 4 was such an amazing conversation. Check out this clip from Dianne.
What is your zone of genius? Tune into season 5 to hear more about this concept and learn more about Sid.

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Podcast Episodes Featured:
Episode 6 - CEO Chat with Chris Evanstad of Nevers Industries
Episode 76 - The Transition of a Family Business with Evan Lagueruela
Episode 100 - Celebrating 100 Episodes of the Trend Report with Sid Meadows and Trevor Bloch
Episode 129 - The OG Furniture Nerd Shares Her Secrets with Diana Murata


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