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Remember the thrill of seeing something evolve from its simple origins to something spectacularly modern? That's the journey I've been on with the office furniture industry for over 30 years. 

In our 10 to Win series, we're tackling the elephant in the room - driving change in your business. I'm taking you through personal stories and observations on the seismic shifts in technology and innovation, and the areas that stubbornly resist evolution. We're talking everything from the nostalgia of hand-drawn floor plans to the cutting-edge photorealistic renderings of today, and the peculiarities of our discounting strategies that seem to be frozen in time.

But here's where it gets real: initiating and championing change isn’t just about the courage to identify what needs a makeover. It's about the grit to get others on board with your vision - and that's no easy feat. 

This episode is a candid exploration into the heart of change management, where we confront the comfort zones we're so reluctant to leave and the resistance that often meets new ideas. I’ll share insights on modernizing complex sales processes, simplifying business layers, and rethinking product-focused approaches. So join me for a conversation that's not just about reflection but about taking bold steps towards impactful actions in our businesses and the industry we're passionate about.


In the Episode:

What does it mean to drive change in your business?
Examples of areas in the industry that have not evolved with time.
What does it take to drive change?
How to share your vision for what the future would look like after your new idea has been implemented.
Sid shares a change that happened at ThinkSpace and how it impacted the business.
Just because the industry says that you should operate in one way doesn't mean that it's right for your organization.



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