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Lance Amato from Canoa and Sid, navigate the transformative currents reshaping the office furniture procurement landscape. Discover how Canoa's browser-based platform is revolutionizing the way design professionals select, specify, and manage office furniture inventories. 

They delve into the industry's reluctance to embrace new tech and unveil Canoa's AI Engine, which is redefining product selection with its innovative Canoa Recommendations feature. By tuning in, you'll gain exclusive insights into the future of design efficiency and how embracing these advancements can save you from the outdated tangles of traditional methods.

Transform your understanding of the design industry's evolution as we analyze the resistance to change despite the frustrations with old processes. Lance and Sid uncover the potential of advanced search capabilities, image mapping, and the creation of personalized catalogs that align sales teams with company offerings. 

It's a conversation filled with revelations about how crucial it is to have access to the right information at the right time, and the profound impact it has when technology like Canoa empowers designers to work smarter, not harder.

Ending on a note of responsibility and innovation, we explore Canoa's commitment to sustainability through initiatives like the Second Life category and recognition of manufacturers' eco-friendly products. We also celebrate the sense of community in the design industry and share how you can connect with Lance and his team. Their efforts are not only supporting the community but also sparking excitement around new technologies that drive the industry forward. 

Join them for this pivotal discussion that promises to leave you informed, inspired, and ready to tackle the challenges of modern office design.


In the Episode:

What does it mean to drive change in your business?
Streamlining Furniture Procurement With Canoa
Resistance to Change in Design Industry
AI Engine and Canoa Recommendations
Collaborating With Manufacturers for Data
Sustainability Initiatives in Content Creation
Community Support and New Technology


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