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Unlock the secrets to transforming every customer interaction into a golden opportunity as Stacey Sherman, a maven of CX excellence, joins us to pick apart the customer experience puzzle. Discover a world where customer service is not just a department but an all-encompassing mission, as we dissect metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES). You'll walk away with a treasure map to navigate the intricate maze of customer loyalty and actionable insights that promise to steer your business strategy toward uncharted success.

Is your 'Get A Quote' section more than just a formality? We're putting the microscope on the fine art of crafting feedback strategies that do more than just collect dust. Learn from our exchange how to mine the gold in customer comments and turn potential pitfalls, like Wendy's price point predicament, into stepping stones for fostering enduring customer relationships. From personal anecdotes about creating a LinkedIn course to insights on empowering your team, this conversation is a masterclass in engineering an ecosystem where customers, employees, and partners thrive in harmony.

Stacey Sherman's narrative is not just another rags-to-riches tale; it's a saga of self-belief and the incredible outcomes of personal branding in the digital age. Her leap from corporate life to entrepreneurial stardom is a vivid illustration of seizing opportunity by the horns, against all odds. Join our exploration into the integral role of empathy and communication in business, the surge of artificial intelligence in customer experience, and how to marry AI with the irreplaceable human touch to elevate your business game. Don't just listen‚ÄĒtransform with us.

In this episode:

Understanding Customer Experience and Business Outcomes
What is CX?
How do you measure the impact of customer experience initiatives on business outcomes?
Are experience surveys helpful in gathering data?
What is unstructured feedback?
Designing Effective Customer Feedback Strategies
How do you design a contact form to gather data?
Why data is so important to making business decisions. A case study from Wendy's.
What does a CX success story look like?
Betting on Yourself Success Stories
What are the three principles behind her LinkedIn course?
Empathy and Communication in Business

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Episode 58 - Creating a Great Customer Experience with Stacy Sherman 

Net Promoter Score (NPS) - 

Blog Post - Ensuring Customer Loyalty Amid Price Changes: Lessons from Wendy’s Public Backlash 

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