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Discover the transformative power of mindful design as Jen Levisen, director of communications at Mindful Materials, joins us to shed light on the sustainable future of commercial spaces.

Our conversation traverses Jen's vibrant journey from the commercial design and office furniture industry to spearheading a global movement for environmentally responsible materials. Delve into the origins of Mindful Materials and how this once modest labeling system has evolved into a trailblazing nonprofit, fostering a universal language for sustainability and impacting the industry.

This episode is a treasure trove for enthusiasts passionate about the interplay between design and sustainability.

Jen and I celebrate the collaborative spirit within the design community, instrumental in initiatives such as the A&D Materials Pledge and the emergence of influential forum groups. These groups, comprised of design firms, manufacturers, and beyond, are pivotal in driving the conversation on sustainability forward, underscoring the significance of united industry efforts.

We also peek into the future with the anticipation of a material playbook by Mindful Materials, aimed at guiding the industry towards more sustainable practices.

We wrap it all up with a personal reflection on my own transition from journalism to industry columnist, reveling in the joy of storytelling and the importance of finding one's narrative voice. We also touch upon the joy of reading and how it can expand personal horizons, sharing a glimpse into a recent engaging read recommended by my book club.
For those seeking to influence the world through design, or simply to savor compelling stories behind industry innovation, this conversation with Jen Levisen promises an enriching journey.


In this episode:


Sustainability and Materials in Commercial Design


Jen shares why she's so passionate about sustainability.


How did Jen get into the office furniture industry?


What is Mindful Materials?


Industry Sustainability Initiatives and Impact


Why sustainability is so important.


How did Mindful Materials get started?


What are forum groups and how do they work?


Material Sustainability and Collaboration


What the forums have led Mindful Materials to produce.


Who is Mindful Materials for?


Writer's Journey and Book Discussions


Does Jen read as well as write? What's she reading now?


What's Sid reading right now?


Connect with Jen.

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