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Do you ever find yourself wondering what happened to that childhood spark, the one that made you curious and bold? Join us as we sit down with Rex Miller to reignite that lost brilliance and tackle the 'kryptonites' that hold us back. We reminisce about youthful passions—my affinity for music and construction—and examine how these interests mold our adult pursuits. 

Creating a space where team members feel secure enough to take risks and admit mistakes can be as complex as a dance requiring both grace and precision. In our thoughtful conversation, we delve into the adversarial nature of certain industries, like construction, where the prevalence of distrust can thwart team progression. We share insights into the critical importance of recognizing each person's unique contributions, drawing parallels to how a football team approaches their preseason. Throughout, Rex Miller, a three-time guest, offers actionable advice on fostering trust and psychological safety within professional teams.

The final act of our dialogue explores the intricate balance of being a 'connector' and leading with empathy. I reflect on my journey, the leadership style that emerges from a blend of strategic thinking and relator skills, and the challenges of managing energy in an increasingly digital world.  The narrative weaves together past and present, offering a blend of self-awareness and practical leadership advice, ensuring that by the end of our episode, you're equipped to lead with a renewed understanding of your strengths and vulnerabilities.


In this episode:

Discovering Genius and Kryptonites
Building Psychological Safety in Teamwork
Strengths and Challenges of a Connector
Virtual World Stress and Strengths
Understanding Leadership Strengths and Weaknesses
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