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Have you ever considered the silent tales an office chair might tell if given a voice? This episode welcomes the incomparable Dominic Lawson, a maestro of the podcasting world, to spin an extraordinary yarn where our protagonist is none other than an office chair. 

He's taking us on a journey through time with the Anderson family, as their business flourishes from the post-war era to the present day, while an unassuming chair bears witness to every triumph, trial, and transition. As Dominic unveils this narrative, he deftly illustrates the profound impact of leadership, adaptability, and the resilience of the human spirit in business.

As the tale unfolds, the chair emerges as a character imbued with the legacy of the Andersons—a testament to the family's grit and values. With every generation it supports, the chair forges an emotional bond, symbolizing not just a tool of the trade but a cherished partner in the company's saga. 

Ultimately, this episode transcends the mere discussion of office furniture, as we pay homage to "The Silent Partner," an exhibit that encapsulates endurance, continuity, and the silent stories of servitude. Dominic Lawson's storytelling prowess illuminates the powerful connections we forge with the objects that populate our daily lives, leaving us with a renewed appreciation for the mundane yet meaningful companions of our workspaces.


In this episode:

The Silent Partner
The Legacy of an Office Chair
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