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Ever feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of decisions you face each day? I'm here to help you navigate the labyrinth of choices with ease and precision. In our latest 10 to Win segment, I break down decision-making into four digestible steps, ensuring you're equipped to tackle anything from the mundane to the monumental. 

I'm sharing personal experiences and posing critical questions to  guide you through assessing the gravity of their decisions and sheds light on the multifaceted outcomes beyond success or failure.

As you tune into this episode, you'll uncover practical strategies that promise to fortify your ability to make informed, confident decisions that align with your personal and professional goals. Whether it's about hiring a new team member, launching a fresh program, or pivoting your strategy, I'm sharing tools for thoughtful deliberation and encourages a trial-and-error approach to refine your decision-making prowess. 

It's not just about choosing the right path but also embracing the learning curve each decision offers. Get ready to make decisions that not only shape your life but drive growth and success in your business.


In this episode:

Each and every day we make decisions.
What are difficult decisions?
Five questions you should ask yourself as you consider difficult decisions.
Making a decision that could have far reaching impacts is difficult for everyone.
Four steps to making a decision.
To make good decisions, you have to trust yourself.


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