Episode 22 Show Notes

There isn’t an industry on the planet that hasn’t been hit by the pandemic, but there are many businesses that are now thriving despite the turn in the economy. Why is that? Why have some businesses flourished while others have floundered?
Frank Bucher joins me to discuss how Formaspace has transitioned their business to have better reaction times and amazing customer service allowing them to thrive in this time.
Formaspace is a manufacturer of lab workbenches and industrial furniture. They design and manufacture custom furniture for offices, hospitality businesses, and other markets. What sets them apart from other companies just like them? Their focus on creating strong, dynamic partnerships with their clients, employees, and vendors.
Listen as we chat about their experience during the pandemic, how they were able to shift and still deliver quality products at lightning fast speeds, and why they’re proud to be a small business. Every big business started as a small business. What Formaspace has done is what makes a small business, big.
In this episode:
[01:07] Welcome to the show, Frank!
[01:29] Frank shares his background and journey to COO at Formaspace.
[03:30] Listen, as Frank discusses how Formaspace got into the custom office furniture space.
[04:39] Learn more about how the pandemic has affected Formaspace.
[06:22] How Formaspace is set up in a way that allows them to grow when the market is down.
[10:11] Frank shares how his company was able to ship products to GM within days of getting the order, keeping their employees working during the pandemic.
[13:54] Why Formaspace has grown while other companies are laying people off.
[18:18] Frank speaks about lining up resources to increase the speed to market.
[20:05] Listen as Frank shares what it's been like leading a small business during these turbulent times.
[25:30] Frank shares what they are working on and what the future looks like.
[28:20] Formaspace is seeing more people using their outside space as an extension of their living room and the same with businesses.
[30:03] Frank gives some tips to leaders trying to lead their organizations through the pandemic.
[33:12] A new way to think of the word PIVOT.
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