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Episode 23 Show Notes

When someone asks you what you sell, what do you say? For many of us, we immediately think of the actual products that we provide to our customers. However, have you ever stopped to think about the reason behind the products you sell?
I firmly believe that what we’re actually selling is change. When companies want to improve the quality of work and environment for their employees, they’re making a change. When they want to uplevel their outward appearance for clients and customers, they’re making a change.
Change is what makes our industry so profitable, and change is what 2020 has been full of. How will that impact sales for this year and beyond? Listen in as I share the first of a four-part series on ways to update your sales strategy in this new remote climate.
This Covid era will end, but the workforce and the workplace will likely forever be changed. I’m sharing my tips, tricks, and strategies to be an agent of change during this time and in the years ahead. So keep an eye out for Part II coming out in two weeks!
In this episode:
[01:13] Welcome to the show!
[01:25] This is the first installment of a four-part series to spotlight what your sales strategy will look like in 2021.
[03:07] What do you actually sell?
[04:41] Statistics that have a direct impact on our industry.
[06:33] Unofficial statistics that impact our industry.
[09:43] The six keys to unlocking breakthrough value while discovering how to transform your business.
[12:47] Coming up next...
[13:35] Thank you for joining me today!
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