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Episode 24 Show Notes

Your workforce is the number one expense in your business. It doesn’t matter if you’re an entrepreneur, a CEO, or a manager, the most money you’ll spend in your business will be on the people who work for you. Why aren’t more business owners talking about workforce management?
That is the question that Regan Donoghue has been asking herself for years. After working for a variety of companies in ergonomics and workforce management, she has realized the power of asking poignant questions.
As the conditions of our workforce change due Covid-19 and the increasing ability of employees to work remotely, what does this mean for our management best practices? According to Regan, it means that finding the right amount of flexibility will result in the strongest of teams.
The concept of the workplace has only existed for about the last 140 years and human beings have been rebelling against it almost that entire time. Sure you’ve got several employees who relish the ability to go to work and come home with complete separation between the two facets of their lives.
But what about everyone else?
Listen as we chat about the concept of workforce management and how you can begin to better understand your employee preferences… and more importantly, why their preferences matter.
In this episode:
[01:24] Welcome to the show, Regan!
[02:09] Learn about Regan and what she is doing today in the community that she serves.
[05:56] She chats about the new business she and her father just started focusing on workforce strategy.
[08:20] Why the workforce is where we need to focus.
[12:24] What is workforce strategy?
[18:16] How you can better impact your workforce.
[23:53] Culture does not exist without the people.
[25:21] Ways to check in with your employees around their mental health.
[30:56] Learn more about workforce strategy.
[32:20] Regan highlights the services they offer at SIMCONSULTS.
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