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Episode 25 Show Notes

We’re moving into part two of creating a post-Covid sales strategy. In many ways, now is the time to be more invested in customer service and relationships, but also to invest in your learning!
Think about interior designers. They’re constantly learning and growing because they’re required to take continuing education classes to keep their licenses. We may not be licensed, but why shouldn’t we continue to invest in our knowledge of the industry overall.
Your sales team likely knows all about the products, but do they understand the psychology of sales?
So now is the time to establish yourself and your team as an expert in the industry. People want to work with the best and there’s no better time to invest in learning and spend time understanding the industry in a new way.
You also need to encourage yourself and your teams to look at problem-solving differently. The problems have changed. Have your methods changed as well? I know we’ve only been in this place for a few months, but our industry has truly been forever changed.
Become known as an expert who thrives on solving problems and people will be tripping over themselves to work with you.
Listen in to hear more about the two other elements of this new sales strategy and don’t forget to come back in a couple weeks for part three!
In this episode:
[01:36] At the end of the day, what we sell is change.
[02:48] Let's dive into two of the four core elements that need to be part of your sales strategy and plan going forward.
[03:41] Learn more about the first element, being an expert.
[07:12] One of the best ways to become an expert in our industry is by becoming a student of our industry.
[12:13] The second element is problem-solving.
[17:18] How to incorporate the customer's problem as part of your sales strategy.
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