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Episode 26 Show Notes

The climate of sales has changed dramatically in the past several years and even more so this year. Buyers are more savvy to the typical sales tactics, and while no one has ever liked to be sold to, people now are much more likely to realize they’re being sold. How does this affect your sales strategy?
Well, the most important thing is to create a sales enablement strategy. What does that mean? Essentially, your sales and marketing teams need to work together to build a solid foundation to best appeal to the customer and build buyer engagement.
Listen in to learn how sales enablement works and why you need to embrace this new process in the post-Covid future.
The sales conversation needs to be just that. A conversation. A give and take where the buyer knows that your goal is to take care of their needs. It’s time to stop starting with the sale and to start getting to the bottom of your client and customer’s primary concern.
In this episode:
[01:30] Sid discusses the third element that will allow you to create the most effective sales team.
[02:00] Listen, as Sid defines sales enablement.
[03:50] Sales enablement allows many salespeople to achieve quota in a scalable, predictable, and repeatable fashion.
[05:20] Sid shares the five basic principles on how to enable your sales team.
[07:38] Who owns the sales enablement process?
[08:51] How sales enablement works.
[12:52] Why you need to use social media .
[14:34] Stop going straight for the sale. Learn why.
[16:03] A three-prong strategy for posting on social media.
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