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Episode 27 Show Notes

No matter what area of a company you work for, you are intrinsically tied to the sales team. Every single customer facing position is selling the company as a whole. So how do you hire the right team to represent your company and the right leaders to inspire them?
Andrew Vawter of MPS has focused his efforts on building cohesive teams with dedicated leaders. Through various personality and aptitude tests he’s learned which types of people excel in which roles and how they prefer to be managed. His focus on the individual has led to a team that is dedicated, focused, and high-achieving.
For leaders one of the most important things to realize is that you cannot manage everyone in the same way. Not every person needs the same type of feedback at the same times. Every person reacts to compliments differently. Each person needs to be managed in a way that makes them feel confident while still addressing how they can be better.
It’s also important to note that there is no such thing as failure. As a leader it is imperative that you realize that a missed goal is not a failure but instead a learning opportunity.
Listen as Andy and I dig deep into creating healthy, well-rounded teams and building a business in the middle of a huge market disruption. It is possible to be successful and grow despite market volatility. Andy and MPS have done it. Listen in to learn more.
In this episode:
[01:08] Welcome to the show, Andy!
[01:18] Andy shares his background with the company Making Privacy Simple.
[02:39] What it’s like to do a complete brand overhaul in the middle of a huge market disruption.
[04:21] How to build a cohesive team.
[07:00] “One of the single most important people in the entire sales process is the installer.”
[08:53] Why a high level of sales support allows the sales team to focus on closing deals.
[10:18] What is the Culture Index?
[16:09] “You can’t manage everyone the same way because everyone is different.”
[18:41] Why there is no such thing as failure.
[19:24] The four questions Sid uses to evaluate the results of a project or launch.
[21:17] How you can praise your team during the pandemic.
[25:46] Andy’s advice to leaders while navigating business during the pandemic.
[27:29] Thank you so much for being on the show!
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