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Episode 28 Show Notes

I think we can all agree that this year has been one for the record books. For so many in our industry, layoffs have become a reality rather than a fear. The good news is that there are still people hiring who need amazing candidates in their applicant pool.
This is why I wanted to take a minute and chat with two of our own who were laid off at the beginning of this year, but who have now found amazing positions at new companies. They were persistent and had a strategy for utilizing LinkedIn and their resumes which led to their success. 
But they also didn’t take this time off for granted. Was it the easiest thing in the world to have no job for five to six months? No. But both Michael and Michelle spent the time working on themselves, their mindset, their families and their knowledge base. 
Listen as we chat about everything from their day to day activities and scheduling their days for success to what they did outside of their job search. They both used fantastic strategies to approach potential employers as prepared as possible for their questions and their requests. 
If you have found yourself out of a job this year and are wondering how to get your foot back in the door, then you won’t want to miss this episode. Get out your notebook and take notes as Michael Ackelbein and Michelle Barton share all their job search strategies.
In this episode:
[01:23] Welcome to the show, Michelle and Michael!
[02:08] Michelle shares where she is now employed and what she will do in the position.
[02:47] Michael discusses where he is working and what he will be doing.
[04:48] Micheal speaks about his challenges were during the pandemic and how he overcame it.
[06:26] Michelle shares her biggest challenges and how she moved passed them.
[09:19] Listen as Michelle speaks about her job search.
[10:16] Michael details how he went about job search.
[12:12] Michelle shares how she planned her day while job searching.
[14:26] Listen as Michael discusses how he set up his days for success.
[15:50] Michael, what role did LinkedIn and social media play in your job search?
[18:25] Michelle speaks about what role LinkedIn and social media had in her search for a job.
[19:49] Michael shares how he made himself stand out during job interviews.
[21:40] Michelle discusses what she did during job interviews to differentiate her from others that were interviewed.
[27:10] Listen as Michelle shares what the game changer was for her.
[28:50] Michael speaks about what made the difference for him.
[30:41] Michelle, what advice do you have for job seekers in today’s environment?
[33:54] Michael shares his advice for job seekers today.
[36:52] Michelle shares some final thoughts for people looking for a new career.
[37:40] Michael discusses his final thoughts for anyone searching for a new career.
[41:47] Michael, Thank you for being on the show!
[42:50] Thank you for being on the show today, Michelle!
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