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Episode 29 Show Notes

In the last decade, there has been a 208% increase in the overall use of the internet in day to day life. That means that the majority of Americans are on the internet each and every day. Are you capturing those leads with a targeted digital strategy?
Part IV of creating a strategy in a post-Covid world is all about harnessing the power of digital marketing to connect with your customers and clients and generate more sales.
But how can you do this?
Digital marketing is about way more than consistently posting to social media. It’s also about creating content that is relevant to your market and connecting with people day in and day out.
It’s about creating a strong email marketing strategy and creating trusted resources that your clients can use to better understand the industry and your place in it.
Listen as I share the different types of digital marketing platforms, why you don’t need to master all of them to be effective, and why it’s so important to implement a digital strategy today. If you’ve been struggling with your online presence, then you won’t want to miss this episode.
In this episode:
[00:57] Welcome to the show!
[03:03] The role of digital marketing in your business.
[04:41] Ten different types of digital marketing that are the most important to building an online presence.
[06:10] What is involved with digital marketing.
[07:30] Why you need an ecommerce platform as part of your digital strategy.
[08:12] What you need to go down the path of B2C.
[10:03] Hear data about what happens in one minute on the internet.
[11:45] Is text message marketing the next big thing?
[12:38] A quick recap of the four parts to your new sales strategy.
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