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Episode 30 Show Notes

Designing functional contract furniture with style isn’t always easy, but it is the passion of both Jeffrey and Lindsay Braun. This husband wife duo has been designing and building furniture for 13 years and their passion is evident. Listen as they share more about their background, how they got into the contract space, and why they love this industry.
Jeffrey and Lindsay met at a coffee shop in Seattle. From there, their relationship evolved as did their love of furniture design. Jeffrey was initially in set design, but hated the impermanence of it. So he moved into interior design. It was then that he realized that furniture was his true love. 
Lindsay says that as her love for Jeffrey grew so too did her love of furniture. They now create new fashionable lines for contract interiors but also custom furniture for some of their high end clients. 
Jeffrey shares how he finds inspiration for new lines of furniture for Emblem and how that process looks different for their clients. They are both very involved in the creative process and work hard to balance creativity with practicality. 
Their story is truly an amazing one. Listen as they share how they run their business and stay in love with their work and their relationship. Their ability to not let work impact their relationship is inspiring. You won’t want to miss this episode. 
In this episode:
[01:15] Welcome to the show, Jeffrey and Lindsay!
[01:30] Lindsay shares what Emblem is and what they do.
[04:02] Lindsay talks about the first time she met Jeffrey and how the relationship grew.
[07:05] Jeffrey discusses his background and how he got into product design.
[12:08] Jeffrey shares where he gets his inspiration and his process when designing furniture.
[16:54] Listen in as Lindsay discusses how the industry has changed with the pandemic and how it has changed their company.
[18:57] Lindsay speaks about how she believes the need for their furniture will grow in the next five years.
[22:14] Lindsay discusses where they have pivoted in their company to create another revenue stream.
[25:13] Jeffrey shares the one thing he designed that he is the proudest of.
[27:13] Listen as Lindsay speaks about why she is so proud of launching Emblem.
[30:43] Jeffrey gives some advice to aspiring product designers.
[33:27] Lindsay believes that patience is the one thing she believes that leaders need to have.
[37:18] Thank you so much for being on the show!
Links and Resources: 
Connect with Jeffrey and Lindsay:  Emblem
Here is a great story from Interior Design Magazine that gives insights into Lindsay and Jeffrey’s goals for the company. The article also details Jeffrey’s recent background pioneering new concepts at the furniture dealership level. Today, both Lindsay and Jeffrey work full-time at Emblem. Interior Design Magazine Article
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