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Episode 32 Show Notes

Professional coaching is valuable in any field. In the past, coaching was seen as more of a mentoring role, but now it is a key way to build skills and network to increase your efficacy in your field. Listen as I share my thoughts on the importance of coaching while being interviewed on the Privacy Matters Podcast with Andrew Vawter.
Coaching is the new term for professional development and it has become a huge business in the past couple of decades. While this isn’t a new concept and professional coaches have been in the workplace since the 80s, the way we coach now is completely different.
We go beyond simple professional development and dig deeper into your actual goals, desires, and strengths to find the perfect blend of challenge and workplace satisfaction. But there’s more to it than even that.
With Embark CCT we also build out business strategy and help you see the big picture while focusing on the details. I have been in the furniture industry for my entire professional career and what I found was that no matter what area of the industry you’re in, coaching is key.
I’m sharing my thoughts on the evolution of coaching, why it’s important for every team across your business, and how it has impacted my career and those of my clients. If you’ve considered coaching for yourself or bringing someone in for your team but aren’t sure if the benefits are there, then listen in and get ready to be amazed.
In this episode:
[01:02] Sid is being interviewed on the Privacy Matters podcast.
[01:26] Sid shares his background and his journey to where he is today.
[02:23] Business strategy and coaching are the predominant two things that Sid and his  team do. Listen as Sid goes in depth about these two things.
[08:12] Andy discusses how they tried to keep the culture of the business during the pandemic.
[13:20] Sid shares some ways to apply professional development.
[16:07] Sid speaks about the future and how the office furniture dealer needs to focus on an industry expert, not a product expert.
[18:03] Sid defines what neurodiversity in the workplace means.
[22:47] Sid believes what they do is supporting the change that their clients are going through.
[27:09] Understanding problem centric and product centric and trying to be a more problem centric dealer is important.
[29:49] Thank you for listening!
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