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Episode 33 Show Notes

What is it called when design meets solving the problems of the world? For Susan Pelcznski this is called design thinking and it is something that she has been doing for her entire career. Creating solutions to problems that make sense from a design and user experience perspective is one of her greatest loves in life.
As an example, Susan was called in to help design a space for families that included activities for young and old. However the space was not family friendly at all. Children were meant to climb to the top of a structure but there was no way for family to follow. She helped work with the architects and designers to create a more family friendly space.
It’s this type of thinking that helps create innovation in all spaces, but also helps as we move into the needs of a post-Covid office space and furniture design.
Susan also creates workshops to further the ideas behind design thinking and innovation. She’s sharing all of her tips on making them fun and interactive even if they must be virtual.
If you’ve been trying to think of creative solutions to new problems, then you’ll want to listen in to hear Susan’s insights. This is a must listen episode as we move into creating solutions in a post-pandemic world.
In this episode:
[01:13] Welcome to the show, Susan!
[01:26] Susan shares her background and where she is now.
[03:37] Listen, as Susan describes what design thinking is.
[05:17] Susan speaks about what got her interested in design thinking.
[08:43] Susan discusses a project where design thinking was used.
[14:31] Susan shares how she sets up a workshop and what prep work she does.
[18:33] Listen as Susan speaks about the workshop she did around the breathing zone.
[22:14] Susan defines what empathy means to her.
[25:20] Susan gives some advice to the listeners in the furniture business to help their customers return to work.
[33:14] Thank you so much for being on the show!
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