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Episode 34 Show Notes

After spending years in sales and managing digital products, Phil Polishook decided it was time to get involved with manufacturing physical products. He had the opportunity to take over DeskMakers and started in on manufacturing office products and furniture.
Listen as he shares his story, what it’s like to be a small manufacturer in L.A., and his advice to the leaders of today.
There’s a surprisingly large number of manufacturers in California and it’s very well positioned for a strong local market. However with new changes in the laws, the cost of operations continues to skyrocket.
Changing circumstances has had Phil looking to expand into other markets such as Texas.
Phil has also recently acquired Scale 1:1 and shares how that acquisition has fit in beautifully with DeskMakers. He’s continued to make strategic growth decisions that have helped him to better meet customer needs without outgrowing his market or his operations.
Most important to today is how he has led his company during this massive time of change and transition. He has learned so much about leadership in general and has taken his own skills to the next level. Listen as he shares his advice for leaders everywhere.
This was a fantastic conversation with a dear friend and client and I can’t wait for you to hear it.
In this episode:
[01:13] Welcome to the show, Phil!
[01:35] Phil shares his background and his company DeskMakers.
[02:41] Phil speaks about why he bought into the industry.
[05:26] Listen as Phil discusses what it’s like to be a U.S. manufacturer in California.
[09:07] Phil chats about being a small manufacturing company in L.A.
[15:07] Phil shares the acquisition of Scale 1:1 and how it has merged with DeskMakers.
[18:32] How industrial designers make the products tie together.
[22:53] Phil discusses the challenges he has with working through a dealer channel.
[27:46] How his small business stands out in the sea of large manufacturers.
[33:06] Phil gives some advice to leaders who are leading through transition.
[36:20] Thank you for being on the show!
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