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Episode 35 Show Notes

2020 is FINALLY behind us. While it certainly didn’t pan out as expected, it wasn’t all bad. I like to focus on the good things, but it’s important to look back on what went wrong to make sure that you make the right changes. I’m digging into 2020 and sharing my goals for 2021.
Just before Covid hit, my family and I took a trip to Europe. We had to cut the trip short by a day, but it was amazing to see my teenage children experience other cultures, foods, and customs.
We also launched this podcast! For years I’ve wanted to share more about our industry by putting content together in a podcast and this year I made it happen. Along with increasing my content output with the podcast, I’ve also written 27 articles for The Business of Furniture Magazine.
My goal was 25 articles, but I definitely surpassed it and I’m proud of the information I’ve been able to share with the audience.
But it wasn’t all good. We definitely had some flops this year, but we learned so much through it all.
Listen in to hear all about the good, the bad, the ugly, and how I plan to use what I’ve learned this year to make next year so much better!
In this episode:
[01:28] Welcome to the first episode of 2021!
[02:06] I highlight some good things that happened to my family and me in 2020.
[05:32] We launched this podcast!
[09:03] I write a column for The Business of Furniture Magazine, so if you would like to read the articles, go to my website
[11:50] Listen as I share some bad things that happen to us in 2020.
[13:10] I want to share two ugly things that impacted us this past year.
[15:30] Want to know what I learned from each situation?
[17:27] I'm super excited about 2021, scared but excited.
[20:04] I am sharing my goals for 2021 on this episode to keep myself accountable.
[20:49] "Learning is a journey; there is no destination."
[24:33] I share a bit of the last blog I wrote in 2020.
[26:53] Thanks for joining me today!
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