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Episode 36 Show Notes

Jeff and Jennifer have spent their entire lives watching the changes in the furniture industry. Their father founded DARRAN Furniture and now they have stepped up to continue his work. Listen as they share their background, their passion for the industry, and what it’s like running a company together as siblings. 

It wasn’t just a love of furniture that pushed their father to create DARRAN Furniture. He knew that there was more to offer the industry when it came to casegoods and he was driven to show it. He offered his customers more options and mass customization and created a wealth of jobs for his local area.

Now Jeff and Jennifer manage the business and they’ve started to change the furniture offerings that DARRAN presents. Listen as they share more about why they shifted their products lines and how that shift has helped them.

They are also dedicated to maintaining U.S. based manufacturing to continue to help support their local economy. Their loyalty to the people in their community is the backbone of the company and fits perfectly with their core values. 

Jeff and Jennifer are truly a dynamic duo in the industry and you won’t want to miss out on their perspective and their banter. This brother and sister team have made working together work for them and the industry as a whole has been elevated because of it.

Listen in to learn all about DARRAN Furniture and the family that has kept it afloat through some tough economic times!

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Jeff and Jennifer!

[02:48] Jeff discusses the history of the company.

[04:32] How the type of furniture they make has evolved over the years.

[06:47] Jennifer and Jeff share some of the biggest milestones the company has had over the last eleven years.

[11:39] Listen as Jennifer and Jeff discuss why they have kept the company in North Carolina. 

[14:41] Jeff speaks about selling to the U.S. only and why they have never gotten into the import business.

[17:25] Jennifer shares some challenges they are facing now through the pandemic.

[22:07] Listen as Jeff and Jennifer discuss their new screen division.

[26:05] Jeff and Jennifer speak about their new product line called Honey.

[30:58] Listen as they share what it’s like to be a dynamic brother sister due and how they work together.

[33:52] Thank you both for being on the show!

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