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Episode 38 Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a corporate athlete? Have you ever even heard the term? Believe it or not when it comes to your corporate career, rest and recovery is the key to longevity. Listen as Kibibi Springs shares her tips for rest and recovery and why you should be treating your body as if you were an athlete.


It didn’t take Kibibi long in the corporate world to realize that her passion lay in making sure that her colleagues were properly taking care of themselves. She even sought to obtain her Ph.D in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, otherwise known as occupational psychology.


She is now the workplace wellbeing knowledge lead for Herman Miller and uses her expertise to be sure that their employees are taking proper care of themselves. As a certified ergonomist she is able to assess physical workstations to be sure they are set up properly for each colleague.


Listen as she shares her tips for increasing your own wellbeing no matter if you work in corporate or at home. Everything from moving your body more to keeping track of your breathing as you work. There is so much that goes into maintaining a healthy body, but for corporations the world over, this is a worthwhile conversation.


In this episode:

[01:46] Welcome to the show, Kibibi!

[02:03] Kibibi shares where she works and what she does.

[03:42] Listen as Kibibi speaks about what got her interested in the furniture industry.

[05:22] Kibibi chats about her journey to getting her Ph.D.

[08:58] Her role at Herman Miller.

[11:20] Well-being in the workplace encompasses everything from the time you walk in the door to how the atmosphere makes you feel.

[16:24] What it means to be a corporate athlete.

[20:06] Why she feels guilty when taking vacation time.

[24:13] Kibibi shares some tips for rest and recovery.

[29:16] Taking mental breaks by taking deep breaths is one way to provide clarity.

[31:01] One way to take physical breaks is to take five minutes every couple of hours to walk around the building.

[33:45] Rest and recovery will help you perform better as a corporate athlete.

[37:44] Put the time in your calendar to take a step back.

[39:42] Thank you for being on the show!


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