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Episode 40 Show Notes

Paul Holland is going on 37 years in the furniture industry and he has no concerns about whether or not it will continue. The past year has definitely been rocky and numbers are certainly down, but let’s remember that 2019 was a record breaking year for many. 


He’s here to chat about changes in the industry as well as how all the players in the furniture business can and will grow in the coming months.


Here’s the thing, you have to look at our industry, and really any industry, with a positive outlook. Are we down right now, yes, but that doesn’t mean that our landscape will look the same next week, next month, or next year. 


So, what can you do right now to stay afloat? Paul says it’s all about adaptation and creating a wonderful experience for your current customers. (I even share a bit about why I will always be a Sewell man when it comes to purchasing vehicles, and it’s all about the experience.) 


This was a fantastic episode full of hope and advice for everyone in the furniture industry from manufacturers, to dealers, to retailers and more. Listen in to learn the most important part of thriving in a turbulent market. 


In this episode:

[02:12] Welcome to the show, Paul!

[02:48] Paul shares his background in the furniture industry.

[05:45] Paul discusses the recent research he has done on the industry.

[09:21] Listen as Paul shares what people in the industry need to focus on in 2021.

[12:17] Paul believes you have to look at the industry with a positive outlook.

[15:51] Growth happens when you are uncomfortable.

[19:41] Paul says the challenge for manufacturers and the dealers is how they adapt to the new environment.

[22:11] More about the changes he sees in e-commerce and digital strategies.

[27:04] What he hopes the industry will see with the distribution sector of the industry.

[31:35] Floor coverings and architectural products are outgrowing furniture.

[34:27] Retail is transforming, but that it will evolve and be about the customer experience.

[40:33] Paul speaks about finding out what the client wants.

[41:06] The future is bright in the office furniture industry.

[43:55] Thank you for being on the show!

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