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Episode 42 Show Notes


In a world inundated with chairs, Tony Mazlish set out to truly build a brand around the X-Chair. He was tired of seeing comfort and style compete for importance with his purchasers, so he created a chair that merged both. 


But it’s the way he’s brought the X-Chair to market that has truly helped him to make it a “household” name in the industry. Rather than immediately selling to furniture dealers, they instead went straight to consumer. 


They have now further built out their SPEQC quality model and are available from dealers as well, but they wanted to be very protective of their dealers. They have a set minimum price that they only reduce during Black Friday. Which means their dealers will never see the price lower than what they purchase for. 


Tony’s innovative design and approach to marketing this chair are truly spectacular. If you’ve been considering launching a new and improved piece of furniture, then you’ll want to listen in to learn the best way to approach your sales and marketing. 


You won’t want to miss this one! 


In this episode:

[03:50] Welcome to the show, Tony!

[04:07] Listen, as Tony describes the XChair.

[05:01] Tony shares what it’s been like to create a brand in the world of seating.

[06:03] They wanted to be the first in the industry to create a chair that has style, price, ergonomics, quality and comfort.

[08:33] XChair is all about advertising directly to the consumer.

[11:45] Tony shares the benefits to dealers when partnering with the XChair company.

[15:01] The real question dealers should be asking.

[18:10] Ways they protect the dealer when it comes to pricing.

[22:27] How they manage the data they receive from digital marketing is what Tony calls their special sauce.

[24:23] It’s not about how much you do right, it’s about how much you do wrong and learn from mistakes.

[27:14] Tony shares what besides marketing has propelled them to where they are today.

[30:40] Thank you for being here today!

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