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Episode 43 Show Notes

You’ve likely heard of virtual reality, but what do you know about augmented reality? Boaz Ashkenazy of Simply Augmented is helping dealers and brokers to showcase their products to customers using the interactive tool of augmented reality, and he’s sharing all about it. 


So what is augmented reality? It is an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Why would this be important to the contract interiors industry? Think of creating entire virtual showrooms. Creating scale models of interiors in which customers can change the layout and materials used in the space. 


There are so many applications for our industry that would help facilitate a smoother buyer’s journey and experience. 


Listen as Boaz chats about ways his company Simply Augmented has helped companies in the contract interiors space to streamline their showrooms and sell despite the effects of Covid. We tend to be late adapters of new technology, but with the changes in our society and the world, this is one time that we need to be ahead of the game. 

The uses are endless and the need is great. Along with creating a solid eCommerce platform, start looking into added AR to your marketing and sales processes.


In this episode:

[01:18] Shout out to JCWall7 for the five star review!

[02:44] Welcome to the show, Boaz!

[02:53] Boaz shares his background and the company that he leads.

[03:58] Listen, as Boaz describes the difference between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

[05:48] Boaz discusses how he went from being an architect to working with AR.

[08:42] Why AR is important in the contract interiors industry specifically.

[11:39] Per Boaz, and me, eCommerce suites are the way of the future.

[14:20] How AR can enhance the customer’s journey.

[16:36] Boaz shares the feedback they have had from the dealer community.

[17:43] Another game changer for the industry is removing the cost of physical mock ups.

[23:06] Go to the Nook website if you want to see the work Simply Augmented does.

[25:46] Listen as Boaz shares why he uses the term “content” when discussing AR.

[28:09] What he would say to anyone on the fence about using AR.

[30:11] How AR allows for interactive showroom tours for potential buyers.

[35:20] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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