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Episode 45 Show Notes


Your customers are online. Period. The shift was happening before Covid hit, but since Covid the rapid expansion of online shopping and buying has been exponential. Abby Murray, CEO and founder of Mortarr, joins me to chat about how consumer habits are changing and our sustainability responsibility. 


Mortarr is an online platform designed to bring the commercial construction and design industry together with the ideas and resources needed to get projects off the ground. Essentially they are an online source for commercial project inspiration, products, and professionals. 


Abby started the company off as a branding and design firm but quickly realized that there was a need for a more collaborative and inspirational space to source ideas from. She went to work, with her team, to create Mortarr and they now have a mobile app as well. 


As the world shut down, the need for inspirational content soared. Abby met that need. 


Listen as we talk about the need within the industry to move the buying, selling, and design process online and meet customers and consumers where they are. We also chat about sustainability and the growing responsibility of manufacturers and dealers to responsibly source and dispose of products and materials. 


Abby has so many amazing ideas for the industry and is leading the charge into the future of the post-Covid contract interiors world. Listen to learn more.


In this episode:

[02:20] Welcome to the show, Abby!

[02:40] Abby shares a little about herself.

[03:17] Listen as Abby discusses what her company Mortarr is all about.

[05:36] Abby speaks about the journey from the idea of Mortarr to the launch.

[07:35] Abby shares what it was like to build a technology platform.

[10:28] Mortarr is a B2B platform, and most of their traffic comes from a desktop.

[14:15] Abby discusses the pro section and brand sections of their website.

[17:20] Mortarr now has green dots to designate the green products.

[20:53] They wanted to make sure their platform was inclusive and not just targeted toward the large companies.

[24:22] Listen as Abby speaks about how consumer habits are changing.

[29:29] Being on social media and having a website does not equal a digital marketing strategy.

[32:36] Abby discusses the shift in accessibility that the new decision makers expect.

[35:53] Abby shares how important she believes sustainability is in the industry.

[39:12] Abby speaks about Mortarr is doing for the dealer community.

[42:55] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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