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Episode 47 Show Notes


What does the future of the workspace look like? Per Jonathan Webb, KI customers are preparing to go back to business as normal once the COVID scare is over. What does that mean for everyone getting back to work? Listen in to hear all about return to work strategies you’ll want to implement as we make our way back to normal life. 


Jonathan’s role at KI is to study workplace trends, uncover product gaps, and then develop solutions with the KI team. Which means that he has spent many hours gathering information and data regarding actual end-user thought processes and ideas. 


Which is why when he starts talking about a return to pre-Covid workplaces, I get excited. The biggest concern has been whether or not we’d see a permanent shift in remote work, but that does not seem to be the case overall.


How are workplaces changing though? Per Jonathan, the flexibility of the overall design is being changed. Instead of static workstations and defined work areas, new areas for collaboration, ideation, and detailed work are being designed and imagined. 


Listen in as Jonathan shares ways that consumers can start to return to work, our discussion on how educational practices will affect return to work, and what you can start doing to prepare. The amount of research and data Jonathan has amassed over the years is amazing and hearing his thoughts on the future of the “office” are absolutely informative.


In this episode: 

[02:48] Welcome to the show, Jonathan!

[02:58] Jonathan shares his title and his background with KI.

[05:22] Listen as Jonathan talks about what KI is doing today.

[08:05] Jonathan discusses some research KI has done and the key takeaways he has found.

[10:05] He gives examples of enhanced degree of flexibility.

[13:10] Jonathan believes that recovery will be geography dependent.

[16:11] Some companies are focused on bringing employees back to the office.

[18:25] Jonathan shares some strategies for helping customers return to work.

[22:02] It can’t be understated that the way education in communities moves forward will dictate who returns to work.

[25:18] Jonathan discusses some things dealers can do to help them be more successful.

[29:47] Everyone needs a brand and needs to focus on individual brand development.

[30:43] Jonathan talks about the specifier community and how they can embrace what is being shared with them.

[34:03] Our industry needs to lead by example and get back into the office.

[34:59] Listen as Jonathan shares what KI is working on for the upcoming conference.

[37:42] Getting to meet people face to face is something they are looking forward to.

[39:25] Thank you so much for being on the show!


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