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Episode 49 Show Notes


When someone purchases a product from you, how long does it take for them to purchase another one? If you’re selling furniture products, then it’s likely several years. What if you partnered with a wholesaler and started selling office supplies, janitorial, and sanitation products too? 


That’s exactly what Eddie Baird is here to chat about. He works with SP Richards to partner with dealerships and provide wholesale products that keep you top of mind with your customers. 


Historically wholesalers have been seen as that resource you go to when you need a product tomorrow, but that has started shifting in recent years. Now wholesalers are involved in larger projects and providing for bigger needs of their customers.


Overall, the goal is to get more sales right? So if you can become a one stop shop for your clients and customers, then you’re making it much easier to retain clients. Eddie’s ideas and experience are invaluable so you won’t want to miss a moment of this conversation.


Plus you’ll learn why it is so important to take challenges and turn them into opportunities. It’s integral to the longevity of your business.


In this episode: 

[02:36] Welcome to the show, Eddie!

[03:00] Eddie shares his background and what he does at SP Richards.

[05:35] What wholesale actually means.

[07:35] Learn about the SP Richards private label brand and how they distribute it.

[12:42] Why they refer to their clients as clients instead of dealers.

[16:38] What he means by the residual unassisted sale.

[20:28] Keeping your company top of mind to the client means more sales.

[23:22] Using printed catalogs to show their items.

[25:19] Listen as Eddie discusses what has happened to the company in the last 24 months.

[27:31] Take challenges and turn them into opportunities.

[29:37] Reasons why a dealer would want to talk to a wholesaler.

[32:40] Thank you for being on the show!

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